The GOP is hard line anyway and a lot of people will look at Donald Trump with his anti-immigration stance and his position that the nation needs firm borders or even a wall, then look at Paris, and think Trump got it right. 

I'm betting his poll numbers go up post the Paris attack.

His poll numbers were up dramatically in a poll announced on Friday.

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump would consider shuttering some mosques in the United States after last week's deadly terror attacks in France.

"I would hate to do it, but it's something you're going to have to strongly consider, because some of the ideas and some of the hatred is coming from these areas," Trump said Monday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," arguing that such an action would be a reasonable if mosques were indeed radicalizing their members. (source: Donald Trump Would Consider Shutting Down Mosques In Wake Of Paris Attacks)

Trump is a gift to the Democratic party.

Few are in love with Hillary, but she's not too scary compared to Trump as president.

To my mind, the Republican party is crippled by the far right branches...such as the tea party, etc.

To get nominated, the candidates have to be right wing so hard that they can't win a national election.

They lock up the bible belt and the ultra conservatives, and lose everything else because they are too far from the middle, where the USA tends to be as far as conservatism.

The routine where they would shut down the country to get narrow political goals was so shallowly disguised that Obama got reelected after inheriting a recession/crash.....a political rarity.

It became too obvious that they didn't care about the country.  It became too obvious that they were the party of 6k year old earths and global climate change denial, and "truly" raped woman not being able to get pregnant, gays will burn in hell, muslim = terrorist, etc.

The paradoxical thing about Trump is that he is scandal proof.  It would not matter what barnyard critter he was caught putting up at his penthouse, he'd own it and act like he could do whatever he wanted to, he's Trump.

His base would not care.


So, I hope he's the Repub candidate.

It will mean another loss for them.


The Republicans are reaping what they've sown. They thought they were smart with their intense gerrymandering of voter districts and their attempts to throw up impediments to minorities, and so now they have a base heavily loaded with prejudiced know-nothings. 

This strategy gave them an advantage in local, state, and congressional elections, but it didn't do much to change the character of the presidential electorate. 

Hopefully, we've seen the last Republican President in George Bush. In the future, the Democrats may be the more conservative party with a Progressive, Green, or Socialist party providing the leftist opposition.

The republican party, to survive, will adapt and drop the bible thumping and mass deportation rhetoric....probably by just toning it down a notch at a time.

Not for THIS election...but down the road when they notice they are not winning nationally.

The flip side is that they ARE able to control majorities that can stymie any progress by who WINS the national elections.

Reforms meant to reduce corruption and waste, etc, had a dark repercussion, in that there's no impetus to make a deal.

It used to be that the opposing forces could have a cigar and brandy, and trade bridges for factories or other concessions, behind the scenes.

So, the two forces had motives to compromise/meet in the middle...and things COULD get done.

Now, they find it hard to make a deal, and, there's simply no political reason to compromise on ANYTHING.

A group can simply insist that something can't pass...unless they get their way, period.

The US was basically shut down by this type of stalemate.  Things that were bad for the country were forced to happen.

The bass turds who forced it to happen then gleefully pointed out how bad things were, under THIS administration, etc.

So, I hope they keep losing BECAUSE they are too far right...and notice it/correctly attribute it, and let the tea party be its OWN party, and have THEIR OWN whacko candidates.

I don't expect the make-up of the COUNTRY to change per se, that's unrealistic.

I WOULD like to see the balance of power to shift at least more to the middle, and parties to be ABLE TO run the government for a change instead of using it like a toy they are fighting over.

I'd like to see the whackos who are in favor of diluting childhood education with arks full of dinosaurs NOT able to get elected.

I'd like to see "political correctness" mean respecting other people, and not an air quoted means of "having to pretend that black people are as smart as white people, so as to not make them riot"...and so forth.

Right now, the wrong end of the spectrum is being pandered to by the republicans...and becoming synonomous with being republican.

We need the LOCAL governments to also swing to the middle at least, to break the strangle hold on congress, etc.

The republican party, to survive, will adapt and drop the bible thumping and mass deportation rhetoric....probably by just toning it down a notch at a time.

That's basically what I said. When they lose the religious conservative vote, they will become an irrelevant party whose only power will be to form coalitions. 

In the future, the Democrats may be the more conservative party with a Progressive, Green, or Socialist party providing the leftist opposition.

Funny you should mention this... in Australia, the major "left" wing party is the labour party. One look at shows that they are actually quite right wing and quite authoritarian... The major "right" wing party, poorly named the liberal party, is just even more right wing and even more authoritarian. So, now we have a third major party emerging, the greens, who is actually left wing and socially libertarian.

Good point.

Left and right are always relative to what's in the middle, where they are.

Fear drives both sides of the aisle.  It's just this particular event doesn't play off the usual liberal fears.  Well, other than the usual human fears of being blown into tiny bits or shot by a bunch of fast moving lumps of lead.  

Also the left can't really do much with this, after all the French have already been disarmed yet somehow crazy people got guns and shot up the place so it's not like they can stand on this pile of bodies to demand more gun control laws. It's a shame really, these guys killed ten times what anyone in the US ever did.  It would be a great pile for Hillary to stand on and demand we do something.  


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