To readers outside the USA let me inform you of one of our quirky little chinks in the separation of church and state armor, churches and the like are exempt from paying taxes in this country, to my way of thinking that forces all of us to pay tithes in that we must make up for the revenue not collected from them.

Today I was driving past the national guard armory in my town, this is where the homeless are allowed to sleep during the winter months, as I passed I saw a woman in her 70's at least, she was in a wheelchair heading to the armory, in route she passed the well manicured lawn of the gargantuan Baptist church, this was on a Tuesday so the building was empty and locked.

Why if they are exempt from taxes should they not be forced to serve the community beyond platitudes and token acts?

I would like to propose that when a tax exempt edifice stands empty, its doors should be open to shelter the needy of our society. Would this not be fair or am I missing something?

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I would suggest we find out how the armory gets around the liability issue and bring it to the churches

The poor folks would be sermonized to death.  Can we just make them pay taxes!?

Same in Australia - average run of the mill priest has house, car, housekeeper, secretary - all tax free.

Scientology has just bought a building in the middle of the city for $23 million - all tax free - churches are always on top of the hill - best views - very expensive land - all tax free - all monasteries - tax free.

It is secular people who do most of the feeding of homeless people here - of course there is Salvation Army who  put their money where their mouth is, and have hostels for the homeless, and live very frugal lives. Exclusive Brethren want to build a 900 people church on prime agricultural land, and there is uproar, something these evil people do not want is to be put under the spotlight. They do nothing for any community, except their boss, who runs a multi million dollar business selling Hi tech gear, which the average EB isn't ALLOWED to have - hypocrisy reigns. Xians do not want 'plebs and luddites' contaminating their pristine churches - loving xians...

Not bad if you can swing it.


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