I just Listened to an hour long recording about a very well known preacher who was deemed a heretic for loosing his belief in hell. He had a congregation of 5,000 and is now about 400. He's lost his position among the evangelical community. He's been cast out as a black sheep. He now believes jesus blood saves everyone atheist, agnostic, gay, taoist, quakers, etc etc a like. 
He's story is quit sad. Reverend Carlton Pearson lost everything. It just goes to show how divisive religion is and how friends and co-workers turn into a hungry pack of wolves to drag you to the out skirts on that community simply because they disagree with how you see things. Religion is an odd thing. It divides and unites, conquers and divides at the same time. I see it all that time. And Have experienced it on some level after admitting to friends and family that I was an atheist. But this mind set is still disgusting and mind boggling to me.

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If one person in the flock leaves because they were mistaken in the beliefs, the group can generally – depending on size – recover very quickly. They close ranks and have a common purpose – to pray for their lost brother or sister. They look to their leader for guidance and generally he (always a “he” ha ha) will hold a rally and preach to them. Soon order and group dynamics are restored.

The same upset happens if a leader dies or leaves until his role is filled. In religious circles the post is never vacant for too long, especially in smaller cult like groups where people are nearly always from similar backgrounds with much held in common – not just their religion.

If their leader suddenly abandons them by physically leaving or if he recants his beliefs, he throws the whole group into turmoil. The person they trusted and looked to for guidance has deserted them. He also forces them to question if what they have always believed is now wrong.

Rather than the entire group consider the possibility that their beliefs may need to be re evaluated– which could lead to a feeling of them all having been duped – The emperor has no clothes on – and have to watch all the pillars of their system fall – it is easier for them to close ranks and attack. It helps them to justify their beliefs to themselves. Order is restored. The thing is the are not a pack of wolves but a pack of god deluded humans.

Was this a podcast? This American Life? The story sounds familiar.
yeah reggie it was


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