Imagine someone walks into a mall and blows themselves up.

They kill several people in the process.

Now imagine who is responsible.

Now imagine the ideology that drove that individual. Odds are they killed in the name of religion.

If muslims don’t have a sense of ownership of the acts of their terrorist cousins then all other steps and well meant words won’t make much difference. It is time for the muslim community to own up and abandon their semi-literate and intellectually dishonest excuses. Give up the sanctimonious claims of victimhood. Own this problem and fix it. Stop the denial and stop appeasing these religious terrorists.

The denial in the islamic community of the role of their ideology in these crimes has persisted in the face of overwhelming evidence. It is only in very recent years that isolated members of the muslim community have started to publicly state its opposition to the violent actions of its followers.

 Take ownership and the world will support you.

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Lies. Dirty lies.

Sectarian violence is not systemic and wide spread. It is virtually non-existent in most Muslim countries. It is a rarity in Malaysia, Zanzibar, Morrocco, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Djibouti, Qatar,  Albania, UAE, Kyrgistan, Oman, Togo, Kuwait, Kazakhstan. You don't find numerous groups of radicals blowing each other up. It happens rarely, spectacularly and to the horror of the general population. Trust me, people condemn the violence, immediately, does the government and police force as they track down the dirt bags who did it and punish them severely. This kind of violence happens about as often as a bunch of radical christian "Free men" sects murder policemen in the United States. 

There are other countries which are utterly bananas, Iraq, Afghanistan, parts of Indonesia, Somalia, Saudi Arabia etc. But they are actually the minority. Some condone certain acts of violence, sharia, Jihad ... others keep their mouths shut in fear of them and their family being slaughtered. The muslim countries that have relative peace and stability watch on with horror, deeply saddened and you can be sure, voice their disapproval. 

You seem to be focusing on international violence more than the violence that millions of innocent people suffer through the very practice of religion on a daily basis (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, even Bhuddism). Girls and boys having their genitals butchered, women treated as inferior secondaries, millions forced to pointlessly deny themselves entirely natural needs (many quite necsary for basic well being), brain washing, severe punishment for harmless acts, thought control, brutal supression of LGTB, ascetic suffering, sect/class/caste/denomination discrimination, child rape, instilled shame etc.

While tragically thousands of people meet pointless, traumatising, horrid ends by the hands of religious maniacs in non-practising countries, hundreds of millions suffer endless cruelty though the hands of practiced religion within their own faith, in their own homes, through family based religious punishment and forced belief and vicious religious practices. This is the focus for many, including myself. This is what I wish more people in highly conservative religious communities would start speaking out against (and what people in moderate religious communities do speak against).

All religious violence is objectionable.

And even if we accept your proposition that islamic terrorism is rare - even one instance should be sufficient for the muslim community to condemn religious terrorism unequivocally.

But I do not accept your proposition that it is rare.

The list of countries where you say religious violence is virtually non-existant comprise less than 5% of the world's population.

The number of countries where violence, and the threat of violence, was used to compel people to adhere to islamic ideologies has increased dramatically in the last ten years. No inhabited continent has not suffered islamic terrorism.

In the last week alone muslim terrorists in the Philippines set up a roadblock and segregated people passing by. Non-muslims were beheaded. Let me say that again: non-muslims were beheaded.

This didn’t make any international headlines and no muslim group denounced it. Let me repeat that: not a single muslim group on the planet denounced this act.

Rather the local muslim community hid the terrorists and sheltered them.

It is as undeniable as it is inconvenient that islamic terrorism is as international as it is indiscriminate. It is largely sponsored by Saudi Arabia who by one estimate has put at least 100 Billion US dollars into this campaign. And by another estimate 200 billion US dollars.

It is a problem that needs to be owned by every person who shares this ideology. The solution needs to be owned by every single person who shares this ideology.

..." not a single Muslim group on the planet denounced this act."

doG's Will.

"...Non-muslims were beheaded. Let me say that again: non-muslims were beheaded."

doG's Will.

soG is a mean evil SOB

@David In the last week alone muslim terrorists in the Philippines set up a roadblock and segregated people passing by. Non-muslims were beheaded. Let me say that again: non-muslims were beheaded.

Yes. Hence the rarity David. There are hundreds of Muslim minority cultures throughout the Phillippines and you've pointed out one group on one part of one island. I'm sure you googled Phillippines trying to find an example of violence at the hands of Muslims to make your point. I'm sure you didn't do a shred of follow up research to see how the government and Muslim groups in the country reacted to this (in horror). But then, confirmation bias is your game David and you are very good at it. Instead of playing "confirmation bias detective" why don't you pick up some books and read about cultural and religious differences around the world before making grossly ignorant blanket claims about people?

@David This didn’t make any international headlines

What makes international headlines is not a test of what is somehow complacently accepted by local people. Are you serious? Bhuddist terrorists are terrorising minorities in Burma and that doesn't make international headlines. I suppose that means that Burmans in general are indifferent to such violence? All this tells me is that you rely on newspaper headlines rather than laborious research.

@David and no muslim group denounced it.

David, didn't you ever read that God said it is a sin to make up stuff? Why are you fabricating such bullshit?

@David But I do not accept your proposition that it is rare.

Wow David, I'm so glad to hear that your confirmation bias has made you incapable of possibly accepting something that you don't like.

@David The solution needs to be owned by every single person who shares this ideology.

You've repeated this excrement twenty times now and no one is buying it, and then you fail to answer simple questions we ask you but have no problem repeating your rediculous claims. Until you answer mine and Strega's question I'm putting you on my ignore list.


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