At lunch today I overheard my 8 year old grand-daughter explain to her 7 year old brother that "Christ died on the cross for our sins."  Like it was truth.  My grandson decided Spiderman was cooler. 


Their mother (my daughter) is Pagan.  I am atheist and my husband is probably a 5.5 on that scale (leaning more to a 6)


So where did my grand-daughter get this?  She and her brother went to a Lutheran Church Christmas Party with some friends. 


I am not their mother, they live with me. 


I restrained myself and did not scream "HOLY F**k that is NOT True!".  Which by the way is what did go through my head. 


My grandson has asked me if I believe in Jesus and I have said no, because he did ask.  When he asked me why I didn't I just told him that different people have different beliefs.  He was six then.  I would rather he believed in Spiderman except for him climbing the walls all the time. 


So, what would you do?  Mom lets them go to church with this friend for "youth group" because it is a night off for her.  That night is usually my first night home from a trip, but I am beginning to think that Wednesday night ice cream would be better for my mental health.


Any comments?  Ideas? Can a Gramma living with a daughter and grandkids have any say in this situation?  Should I interfer with my lovely sweet grand-daughters delusional thinking before it goes too far?

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