I thought this was quite the interesting thought. I was gonna write this
as a response to one of a other discussions, but thought that I'd like
to get a bigger audience in on this one.

Many, if not all, good atheist believe that God simply does not exist. But I beg to ask the question: "If he doesn't exist and nothing in creation lends to the existence of God, why do we have so many thoughts about God? Are not our thoughts shaped by our environment? If our environment does not support the existence of a God, why do so many of us rule him into the equation? Is it that we are inclined to desire a god. Are we naturally inclined to think about one irrespective of our environment?"

The light bulb was created based on something that already existed, light! So I imagine Ben Franklin was inspired by the sun. Even the delusional has inspiration of thoughts based on things that exist. So why do we think about God if he doesn't even exist?

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The bible defines a solid family structure.

Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. Parents do not provoke your children unto anger/evil. Do not commit adultery. Husbands love your wives. Wives respect your husbands.
speak for yourself...
He did, that is why he said "my life" not "life".

Pro tip : read then respond.
Divorce is perfectly OK, by the way, for people who have come to hurt themselves (and therefore their offsprings) more than they have developped their love. You know, even in real life shit happens.

I'm not too sure what you mean by this but? Where did you read that divorce is perfectly ok? What observations have you made to come to that conclusion? Hmmm...
two adults can fight every day in front of their child or children, never sleep, cause more frustration, make themselves ill or get a divorce and live happy productive lives again. You have obviously never had to be in the middle of a divorce where the tension was so high they were making themselves physically ill.

Should they come to blows instead to make you happy? What about someone who is being physically or emotionally abused can he or she get a divorce or does this make the situation worse?

Before you say some stupid biblical thing, my parents are divorced and remarried, this is personal experience from that and my uncle who was emotionally abused.

Answer this:
My uncle's now ex wife told him once that my grandfather raped her. Unfortunately for her he was on other side of the state with family while this rape supposedly happened. So should he have stayed married to her?
@NakkiNyan...I'm unable to respond to you directly so I'm going to post to my name.

God never intended for us to be divorced. Marriage and family (Father, Mother, Child) was designed by God as a replica of the loving union in the God head (God the Father, Spirit, and Son). The passages I quoted was instituted by God to avoid family breakups as you have experienced. I know what a divorce looks like. And though the two separate by law, sometimes each person carries with them the bitter memory of their former lives. God never intends for a family to break apart by divorce, that is why he gave those commands to love and respect. But Jesus also said, because of our weaknesses, we are allowed divorce. I often say that the problem of this world is sin. Sin is our weakness. it is your weakness, your grandfather's weakness, and your uncle's wife's weakness. And we are truly hopeless without a redeemer. Because you know what, hurting people hurt people. Hurting people hurt children and hurt family. Science cannot heal the hurt of a broken heart, only God, the One who searches and knows our hearts. He is the only one who can heal.
I know it is a limitation of the forum structure so it does not indent to infinity.

What does your god have to do with divorce? marriage in some form long predates the adherence to the Abrahamic god. Yes I know here is where you will say "but he was always there we just didn't see him" spare us for the sake of argument as the rules were not spelled out yet so adherence is unjustified.

And then here is where you call people sinners, how was it my grandfather's fault that the stupid woman accused him of rape? There is no such thing as a broken heart, it is a term used for specific depression which can be medicated though you are better off if you get through it on your own. Using god as your medication is no better.
My God wants nothing to do with divorce. But he allows it because he knows we are weak. We are prone to anger, and disagreements, lying, mistrust and so on. The date of marriage doesn't really matter. The fact is, God took a human institution and defined it. He actually gave marriage meaning instead of empty traditions.

I guess you've never seen someone who try to rid themselves of depression by way of meds. The truth is the meds only treat the symptoms, it doesn't heal. We need that healing or else we'll be stuck taking meds.

Have you noticed that I said: you, your grandfather, and the wife. We are all sinners. The sooner you come to grips with that, the sooner you can allow the Lord to heal that pain.
Actually yes medications can change the the way our brains work, you are referring to the stuff that your doctor may give you, go to a psych ward and look at those medications, trust me that stuff can cure your ills. It can also leave you bed ridden with a catheter.

How does someone falsely accusing my grandfather of rape make him a sinner? He was supposed to go to the house and instead went with some family members to some family friends instead, was that his sin? And what is my sin exactly, not believing your god?
@Trevaughn said: Science cannot heal the hurt of a broken heart, only God, the One who searches and knows our hearts. He is the only one who can heal.

People mend hearts. It usually helps to feel the support of Others close to you, even if one of Them is the loving sky friend you believe in. Sometimes science can help too, but it's ultimately humans making the healing happen.

I keep going back to animals. E.g. elephants suffer emotional loss and distress, too. Is God "fixing" them, too? I don't want to blow this topic up into ridiculous proportions, but Trevaughn, adding scripture just adds more speculation to an atheist's forum.
Parental divorce is ok if the parent is making the child do things (like model or act) and then taking all the money and spending it on themselves. That is the normal cause of parental divorce, this would also fall under child abuse and child labor law abuse. Are you saying the children must stay with parents that are abusing them emotionally and financially? What gives anyone the right to force someone to stay in an abusive relationship?
that is why God says...don't provoke your kids unto evil.


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