I am, on papers, an Orthodox Christian. The most spread form is Roman-Catholic but we are a more strict and conservative version of Christianity. Romania is 95%+ a theistic population. The majority of us are Orthodox Christianity.


You can imagine Orthodoxy like something in-between RCatholic and Islam.


What I would like to point out is that I am informed about RCatholic Christianity and I have very little Orthodox knowledge. I sometimes find that it is hard to apply arguments from Roman-Catholic version. There are some queer things about this religion.


They believe that saints are among us ( and we visit them at monastaries ), they believe saints bodies are perfectly preserved and smell perfumed, they believe in miracles, angels, devils, hell (no purgatory), they believe this religion is the best because it is the oldest form of Christianity ( that's what they say), they preach the end of the world and enforce a very conservative approach that caught my parents in the current too.


The paranoia and fear has spread like viral through our nation. Depressions are very common here. Everybody adopted the path of "let God decide for me, for I am weak and unworthy". Children are born without proper means to sustain them. My mother had a 3'rd child just because she has as the 'example' a family with 8 kids and thought that we need more to get to heaven. The time is bad for another kid, in my opinion, but I do love my little brother. He is cute. But it is hard to sustain now since we are facing some problems.


A key thing here is that orthodox Christians do NOT go to heaven just for believing and abiding to some rules. They have to do hard efforts every moment of their lives.


These people are anti-vaccine, anti-globalization, anti-internet, anti-television, techno-phobes in most cases, anti-otherReligions and all the other conservative theist symptoms.


I, of course, consider this absurd and very troublesome. Life here would be way better without this brick wall to stop every movement restricting everything, including the mind.



Question: Do you know where I can find more about Orthodox Christianity? in special since I always have to transpose from my own logic and I can't seem to find a Romanian atheist community.


This religion is also present in Russia ( for an idea ).


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Not at all. Time has corrupted what the first Christians believed.

Christianity these days, thanks to the third century or so, is now an amalgamation between Christianity and Paganism. If Paul was to rise from the dead tomorrow he would be like 'WTF?'. 

It amazes me that romanians have released themselves, to some extent, from the communist dogma, and immediately embraced another. I still can't decide which one is worse.


As for romanian atheist communities, I know only of atei.ro, but I am not a part of it so I can't tell you what's it like. I thought of joining once, but I don't really feel like it. I prefer Think Atheist.


These people are anti-vaccine, anti-globalization, anti-internet, anti-television, techno-phobes in most cases, anti-otherReligions and all the other conservative theist symptoms.


I think you are describing only the (really) older generations. Romanians are very addicted to internet and television in general, even in rural areas, which makes them even harder to rationalize with. Only some really old and at the same time old fashioned people are against those things, like my grandparents, even though they do watch TV but I don't think they know much about internet. The hipocrisy is thriving as in any other religion. It's like John Lennon said, They keep you doped with religion and sex and TV / And you think you're so clever and classless and free / But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see.


From what I remember, amongst the younger generations, religion is not given that much attention, but at the end of the day they still believe there is a god. The fact that religion is still a mandatory school subject, says it all.


And I don't remember romaniansa actually being so pious and trying too hard to make it to heaven; but they all like to pretend. Maybe they are supposed to be, but what religious people obey follow to the letter their sacred texts?


I am from a religious family myself. My father has been a religious nut for ten years now, after calling himself an atheist, blaiming god for his mistakes and misfortunes. That irritates the hell out of me and is one of the reasons I don't speak with him anymore. Is it true that your parents only had another child because they thought it will earn them bonus points with the big man? I find that hilarious.

The priest intervened in my parents life and recommended ( like any other follower ) to make more children. That is just wrong. They get a very powerful influence from the community and the fathers.


Both my parents are, like you say, religious nuts, but I do love them for what they do ( even though they are doing it for the wrong reasons ).

What do they do? Bring more children in this messed up world and struggle providing a decent living for them just so they can die with the thought that they will go to heaven? For that alone I would reconsider my position towards people like them, but I don't know your family so I am not going to assume anything.


By the way, you should check your older discussions from time to time.

I don't know a good way to keep in touch with discussions. The e-mail feed is overloaded. 


I just want to get the mail where people respond to my discussion/post. Not whole bundles of discussions.


Maybe Morgan can do something about it.

Fortunately, he is doing something about it.



Ortodox christianity is all about ritual, it's very ritialistic.

They kiss the bible which is high ornamented like the church, they eat instead of wine and those white cookies, a mix of bread and wine because it symbolises that the human and god nature of christ mix like bread and vine. Because of schism in 6. centuy when two early christian philosophers started to say different things about christ's human and god nature. One said that this two natures mix like olive oil and water so they never truly mix but exist in one container, while other said that this two natures mix like water and wine in single container, so they can't be separated. So they eat this mix of bread and wine with a long spoon. Must taste awful and spread diseases.

Even thought the schism in christian philosophy happened in 6th century, the real schism happened in 11th century because the roman pope excommunicated the other pope in Constantinopolis, and then the pope in Constantinopolis excommunicated the pope in Rome. 

They have little doors in their churches which separate the place of god where only priest (pop) can go and where the bible is kept. This gives of the illusion of this place being special and holy.

They submerge people when christening them, they don't pour water over their heads like catholics.

They use three finger while making the sign of the cross (because of holy trinity) or two fingers (two natures of christ) on their chest starting the sign with the right shoulder because it symbolises dominion of present day Istambul (then Constantinopol, and later Tsarigrad) over Rome which they don't like very much.

They, instead of pope have archpatriarhs (or somthing like that) which obey the rule "first among equals" which is a nice way of saying that even though they all have the same rank there is a one guy that is the boss (just like pope).

Is there anything fun and good about this religion? I don't know, all I know is that Stalin gave us all a bad name because he burned ortodox churches in Russia and killed their priests. He didn't like them very much because they had immense political power in Russia.

After the Berlin wall fell a huge ortodox church revival started because they felt like Jews coming out of Egypt, probably. The more you oppress them the more they are stronger because bible justifies this kind of things.

That is all I know.

Must taste awful and spread diseases.

Yes. It is with the same spoon. I haven't seen any cases of Eucarist-spread diseases, but it is a risk there.


Is there anything fun and good about this religion?

If I would have to choose I would choose Roman Catholic over Orthodoxy. 


For the oppression part, it is true that there were a lot of it especially in the communism era. When Nicolae Ceausescu was the dictator a lot of persecution was going on, including concentration camps where ( I might agree on this ) belief in a God was helpful.

There are a lot of books of 'saints' that survived those camps and wrote how wonderful god is. This gives hope to many here.


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