I don't come on here too often, to be honest, but something has really been getting at me lately. "How did the universe become?" I can't necessarily consider myself an atheist, and if I did it would be a "soft" atheist, but overall, I'm more of an agnostic. Basically, do any of you have any theories or have heard of any theories or ideas concerning the topic of our origins? Did the universe just pop up out of nowhere? Is there a higher power? 

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Some kind of cliche mimicker has just switched on in my brain: "Science is the journey, not the destination." . What I mean is, science never finishes with a final answer, as religion endeavors to. Whether God did it or not is irrelevant to science, because science endeavors to learn how something works, not why it originated.

For the complex questions, it doesn't matter to science if someone just claims that God did it. Science says "we don't know how it happened/happens yet, so let's find out...".

I feel strongly about this: Science does NOT deny God, but has to explain reality in non-magical concepts and terms that anyone in the world (regardless of their philosophical or religious beliefs) can understand and repeat. I also feel strongly about this: What bothers me about a belief system is when it denies science just because science happens to provide evidence that conflicts with it.

So, there's a lot we don't know, but we're learning more all the time, and whether a magical being made it happen or not does not give science any useful information.

As for the last question "Is there a higher power?", I believe our brains are designed (by nature) to speculate, infer, and seek larger ideas and concepts. I also believe that our brains are designed (by nature) to believe in the "larger purpose" of serving humanity, at least at the local, community level. But we did not have enough insight thousands of years ago into these needs of ours, so we speculated to the point of fantasy by inventing supernatural explanations that seemed to serve as quick, easy, and socially enforceable answers.

Well the enforcement is a total failure. Those that accept those supernatural explanations makes them all feel warm and fuzzy.....very false sense of security.

It is the journey that's important.....and it should never end and probably won't, unless we blow ourselves up or collide with another mass and we go extinct for a few billion years. Our destruction is assured when the sun goes giant. So it's important to look for a home and seed it.

Anyone buying one of those one way tickets to mars? <g> I think they're sold out. Even 70+ year olds will go as well as young ones. But when when the sun goes giant, mars will be of little value. We have to go much farther than that...we're doomed. We have around 3 billion years left.

So, when they get to Mars, I do hope they realize that Earth, if we had not trashed the place, would have been alot easier!

I would be looking forward to the first 'calls home' after the colonization, with the theam of ' Mom, the indians are restless. Will be returning with tails between our legs in 6 months, God willing! Last call! Sorry Mom, got go, by!'

AT&T will probably get the toll call concession! No one's coming back...reverse the charges please....as if that will do any good<g>

No bibles should be allowed on that trip btw!

The Bibles, in a pinch, could be used as reaction mass!

@Heather Spoonheim - Ah - well I don't need an alternate theory to reject a faulty one.  But that's just me.

What's "faulty"? Evolution explains a lot but not everything. Ditto for the theory of relativity. 

I'll believe something other than The Big Bang when the preponderance of qualified experts change their mind.

I haven't claimed that anything was faulty.  Honestly, I haven't understood a single response you've made to me in this thread - it's like you are looking for something to disagree with, something that just isn't there.

I don't pretend to understand the physics involved in the "origin" of the universe, but I do know this.  Science has explained MANY things that were attributed to magic in the past.  I don't know what was there "before" or what will be there "after", but that doesn't mean that mankind will never know.  We no longer look at the stars and believe that they are the campfires of our ancestors.  We no long believe that the sun revolves around the earth.  Humans have for most of our history, believed the magical explanation to much phenomena before the science proved that it wasn't magic. To paraphrase Neal Tyson-Degrasse, religion appears to be an ever shrinking area as science explains more and more about the universe around us.  I don't have to know the "how" of things (I still can't get my head around television broadcasts.)  to think that someone somewhere sometime will have an answer.

 To quote Arthur C. Clark...." Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".....one of Clark's 3 laws.

I've been trying to think of how to easily list the ways that science has improved our species' quality of life so comprehensively, compared to religion. But it requires paragraphs, if not pages.

Hmm, if we laid down one copy of every science book ever published, I wonder how much of the earth it would cover...

Whoever devised chocolate improved our quality of life a lot more than whoever devised religion.



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