I don't come on here too often, to be honest, but something has really been getting at me lately. "How did the universe become?" I can't necessarily consider myself an atheist, and if I did it would be a "soft" atheist, but overall, I'm more of an agnostic. Basically, do any of you have any theories or have heard of any theories or ideas concerning the topic of our origins? Did the universe just pop up out of nowhere? Is there a higher power? 

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a sad little nerd without a perfect courage to proclaim 'THE TRUTH'

Haha, aren't we all? (Those of you who aren't, please withhold thy wraths from this sacred thread.)

btw... word-fucking is, for me, a symptom of over-caffeine-ation.

(Pardonemay, the appropriate medical term is 'sign', not 'symptom'.)

(Those of you who aren't, please withhold thy wraths from this sacred thread.)

See, I imagined hearing a cacophony of scoffs, and grunts. A collective 'scrunt', if you will. (Yes, I just heard it again!)

Sadly even my best insights can offer hardly more than a 'warm feeling'.

One of my best recent ones left me feeling that 'I wish I did not know this'. Found correlations between carbon sequesture in trees(inversely related), and carbon release from soil(directly related), in response to global warming. Then found that this correlation has been found by others. This might drive desertification for the middle latitudes over time. This does take us back to the 'bitter truths'.  

The idea of branes offers an explanation that conforms with the mathematics of cosmological physics and has some explanatory value. That that hardly qualifies as proof still leaves it far ahead of the notion that some guy with magical abilities made the universe. That is just dumb.

There's nothing wrong with believing the best rational explanation, as long as you aren't unwilling to look at alternatives.

I wish I knew. I guess I was over read about details. One Philosophy of Science class, or two, can mess you up...


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