I don't come on here too often, to be honest, but something has really been getting at me lately. "How did the universe become?" I can't necessarily consider myself an atheist, and if I did it would be a "soft" atheist, but overall, I'm more of an agnostic. Basically, do any of you have any theories or have heard of any theories or ideas concerning the topic of our origins? Did the universe just pop up out of nowhere? Is there a higher power? 

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If it didn't become infinitely small and infinitely dense, what did it become? Whatever it became required inflation to explain it.


In science, the standard view (the one most widely held) prevails until some sort of proof it is wrong. Doubts aren't enough. It's not a conspiracy, it's the way things work.

Since Lerner got his BA, apparently his credentials are that he's a "researcher." What does that mean? Reading books and googling? Tell me.

I expect that Lerner is yet one more member of the 'I want to understand, but I am stuck making money, damn it' class.

Sadly, I never was able to find my excape velocity from this also....

U, for $150 an hour in advance, I'll do some googling for you.

I might have an aversion to blowing bubbles of supposition, without a little something more.


I feel rather pleased to find that I share some common ground on this topic with Richard Feynman - as he reveals in this 4 minute video:

I really must purchase some speakers for my computer...;p(

Almost worse than that...I'm almost deft and the captions aren't a transcription...Great find Heather. Feynman is definitely a kingpin. He validates my assertion that I thrive on ignorance.

In lieu of a transcript, I'll paraphrase a summary - he feels it is better to live in the fear of not knowing than to find comfort in a false belief.  He isn't committed to anything other than the pursuit - and only spurns religion because it squelches pursuit.

Thanks Heather....but he didn't live in fear...he embellished the journey and of not knowing. The hard truth didn't frighten him, a comforting fallacy he deplored. One of my all time heroes as well as Sagan and many more.

Since Hitch died, I know of no one to replace Hitchens, because he was a master of the language. And Feynman was a master of science.

I didn't say that he lived in fear - only that he said that would be preferable to false security.

Oh yeah....I can see he was speaking in general the notions of others. Not himself. 

I think we are, for the most part baring crazyness and accident, OK!

The really big things, origin of the Universe, nature of sin, why some people like body puncturing, don't really scare me, just make me wonder.

The day to day stuff, is 'important', just not very interesting. I think most of us have more brain cells than we really need for 'maintenance'.

These bigger questions, because we are culturally distracted by petty details, are kept at more than arms lenght for the most part.

Several years ago I remember a conversation that I over heard at a restaurant between you young girls, 'did you hear thoughs to two wacked out nerds the other day talking about using the fourth deminsion as a way to prevent traffic accidents? They were really going at it like anything would ever come of it. What a waste of time, you know what ever.....' I think this was a few of my friends, over a lunch, hashing out this weird idea in public.....


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