I don't come on here too often, to be honest, but something has really been getting at me lately. "How did the universe become?" I can't necessarily consider myself an atheist, and if I did it would be a "soft" atheist, but overall, I'm more of an agnostic. Basically, do any of you have any theories or have heard of any theories or ideas concerning the topic of our origins? Did the universe just pop up out of nowhere? Is there a higher power? 

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Sadly I think atleast one calculus prof suggested this at one time or other in my experience, the old 'then magic happens'. My double major really messed me up, apparently Philosophy types can often times make very poor math types. In the end I just figured that variable names really must map to something other than null sets, much of the time..;p) 

"You're just not believing hard enough. Have faith. It will make sense in heaven."

Well said, Kairan. I remember words like those from my Catholic childhood.

When a few priests told me to read more Augustine or Aquinas, I told myself there are other things I want to do.

For adults religion is a huge cheat. For children it's a huge abuse.

"You're just not believing hard enough."

It really makes sense if you stop thinking about it.

Also, to add another thought; what if our universe is the result of a scientist's experiment from someone else's universe? We may be proportional to the size of a marble
in another universe.

We might also be unintentionally creating other universes inside the large hadron collider - does that make us 'gods'?

Well if the large hadron collider is spawning universes, maybe we should have kept the "large hardon collider" typo and made it official.

Might as well!

Or what if we created our universe by way of Hadron Collider experiments. Past present and future all happening at once and time being an endless wealth of dimensions, our existence having no real beginning or end.

@ Dalton Jones..."what if our universe is the result of a scientist's experiment from someone else's universe?" 

I've entertained that notion as well. For all we know, the extremity of our observable universe could be the molecular adhesion membrane, on a slide under another's microscope. Making everything we know and see, simply relativity. And if we are part of a multiverse, it's not unreasonable to propose that our physics may not apply to another universe.  

This was my theory in elementary school, except I took it a bit farther and wondered if the universe were part of an atomic subparticle.

So the last scean in 'Men In Black' is your primary model, that 'scale' is an important variable. It would seem to me that the light limit would need to be violated in such a molel, but I could be mistaken...;p)

You mean light limit as we know it.....those limits may not apply in such a bizarre scenario outside our observable universe. Don't remember the men in black scene.



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