Do you have a problem with someone demanding money for an organ? Let's say someone decides to donate his/her organs after death, but only in exchange of financial compensation for his/her living relatives or for a designated person; or someone is in urgent need of money and decides to donate an organ; or someone just wants money for a donated organ. Is that really wrong? Why/why not?

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I have. It was an average movie. With some flaws in its script, it could've been better.


And I had nothing like that in mind when I started this discussion. :)

That's why the owner of the organs should decide before he dies what shall be done with them. I'm surprised that people don't understand my point, as a lot of you seem to be pro-choice in many different situations. This one is no different. Nobody but me takes care of my body and makes sure that my organs are in a good state, so why would someone else make the decision for me? It's not like you find my body in the middle of nowhere and you have no idea who I am, but my organs are healthy and you decide to pass them on someone who needs them. I am talking about a decision that I can make myself right now, or any other time until I die, and it should be my decision only.
And I enjoyed Repo Men a little more than Vanilla Sky, but that's just me...
What do you think of making organ donation an opt out option?

I can't understand your paranoia (if I can call it that). You have only one market, the government collaborating with hospitals paying for organs and passing them to those who need it most just like they do with donated organs now. The organs would have a price (not negociable) based on their state and the number of demands for it. How can you sell an organ that's not yours? I am talking about legal and organized procedures, that can prevent such a thing. I'm not talking about a guy coming at a hospital with a few organs in a cooler and selling it to the highest bider.


If you can control pimps from forcing minor/unwilling girls/women to prostitute for them, you can control this too. I only mention this because a lot of you seem to agree with the former, but not the latter. There's really not that much of a difference.

If someone can make a buck, they will.


That pretty much applies anywhere. Shouldn't we at least try? I think we would have some improvements, less organs wasted and less people dead.

I am not saying that people should die so that they could sell their organs. I am saying that when they die they could sell their organs. Of course, it's just a suggestion, and if here it is received with such hostility, in practice it has no chance...
I was not talking just about you...
I don't have any problem with that. Organs are hot commodities. Although, 30 years from now I think organ farms will become super mainstream. This should be a non-issue in 30 years. At least from the aspect of relatives. Science wins every time!

Shine, I hope you get to read this reply, because I can't directly reply to your post, and that area is too crowded anyway.


I am only replying to your post because I have desperately and unsuccessfully tried to understand the reasoning behind your warning. I don't think you actually analyzed everything in that sentence, except the 'religious zealot'.


To remind you, this is the entire sentence:


P.S.: I forgot to mention that you sometimes sound like a religious zealot. That may be a good thing only when you analyze anything and in an impartial manner, otherwise your posts can't really be enjoyed or appreciated (and that's a shame because you do have very good points sometimes).



It seems that you stopped after the word 'zealot'. Even so, that 'it sounds' kind of gets in the way of your warning being based on anything worth taking serious. Anyway, all I wanted to do was give Jean Marie a piece of creative advice. If you see what I said there as bad advice, what can I say, that's the best I can do so far, and you should comment on it as a regular member not as a moderator. I really don't see your point.


And do moderators only warn discussions that they are a part of? I have seen other directly remarks far worse than what you interpret as an attack. To name one, the term 'racist boy' was used often in a few posts. Nobody seemed to mind that one, except probably the member that was called that. No warnings. Sure, it may be a true remark if you read all the posts in that particular discussion, but it's still an insult. And for me, the fact that Jean Marie is often passionate in her replies, it is true as well. And, if you have the time, read what I wrote after that 'otherwise', maybe you can appreciate my remark as it was really intended. I haven't brought up that 'racist boy' remark just to get another member warned or anything like that, I was just trying to make a comparison in my attempt to understand the point of your post/warning.


By the way, do you guys keep track of these warnings or it only gets serious if a member keeps doing the same things in a particular discussion?


I officially apologize for anything that anyone misreads and takes as offensive. That is not my intention, if not specified otherwise. I hope there are no hard feelings and we can all enjoy the end of humanity/the world together. ;)


P.S.: Do not take this as an insult or think that I disrespect the guys who manage care of this website which I love, but someone should really organize the Moderators of Think Atheist area.

I haven't got the chance to read your whole post because I have to say that I was referring to your replies to his replies on the discussion called something like "The black people?" and not your replies in his own discussion, the one in which he was asking if he was racist.

Ok. I have read your entire post. Again, I was referring to your discussions with Dustin Sanders from another post about racism/black people and not from his own discussion about him being a racist or not. I have stopped reading that discussion after a few posts so I don't know what happened there.


Yes, I am young, I am turning 19 on the 22nd. I am very passionate when it comes to things I care about, but I have to say that until now I haven't really got the chance to express myself exactly how I wanted and some anger got bottled up inside. If some of that might have slipped out on any of my replies to you or anyone else, I do apologize. That is not my intention at all on this site.




And, just to compare a little my 'religious zealot' remark with the last row of your post... They are similar in a way, even though mine was intended to be advice and you are just saying that Dustin is worst then a religious fundamentalist and that's a reason why you will not discuss with him, but I don't think you're going to get warned. :)


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