Do you have a problem with someone demanding money for an organ? Let's say someone decides to donate his/her organs after death, but only in exchange of financial compensation for his/her living relatives or for a designated person; or someone is in urgent need of money and decides to donate an organ; or someone just wants money for a donated organ. Is that really wrong? Why/why not?

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I think we should have the right to sell (only) our own organs. You can sell your hair for money, why can't you save a life and perhaps improve your financial situation too? I don't have any problem with selling (only) your own organs. Perhaps only people who really need the money should be allowed. Of course, it would be some sort of discrimination... and you can't really decide who actually needs to money and who doesn't.

Good points! I forgot to mention the eggs and sperm donors.

Human plasma is an essential starting material for therapies that treat patients with serious rare, chronic, and often genetic diseases such as hemophilia, primary immunodeficiency, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and autoimmune and neurological disorders. Plasma is also used to treat individuals during major surgery, who have sustained burns or are suffering from trauma. (Source)


As far as I know, you can sell plasma. So, that difference you mentioned, doesn't really matter.

I think we haven't really decided whether we're talking about who actually pays for the organ. I was thinking about the government.
And why is blood or plasma that different from an organ? For the percipient it really isn't. It still saves his/her life. For the donor it's the same. He/she gives something that belongs to him/her and it's not mandatory to do. They receive money for blood or plasma, but not for an organ. That just doesn't make any sense.
Sure, it seems to logical thing to do. But that's not how everybody feels. Some need to feel a little heroic to do something good. That's why I am pro-choice. I took care of myself while alive, I should decide what should become of my corpse after I'm gone. I'm stating again (so Jean Marie won't think of me as a greedy bastard) that I'm going to make sure that my organs are put to good use, no charge. But what I want to do shouldn't be the standard for what should everybody do. Of course, it would be nice (even if a little subjective), but not mandatory.

Now you completely make no sense. Especially in the last part of your post. If you can enjoy money posthumously, you agree that you get 72 virgins too if you bomb a building? If you would just think about it, you help more people if you get money for your organs. You help the person(s) that you want to receive the money, and you help the people that get your organs. Of course, I am talking about a situation in which the receiver would not have to pay for the organs.


I really don't like that you completely misread, misinterpret and miss the point of everything I say and just keep going your own pre-established way.


And I don't like your arrogant tone at all. I have heard about a lot of corrupt doctors and nurses that have killed a lot of pacients, especially infants, by negligence; so, enough of that crap. You are not better than anyone just because you are a nurse.


And you don't know me at all. You have no idea how many times I have chosen the hard way, instead of money and a life with basically no worries at all, but with the price of giving up my principles. I'm not going to start explaining myself to you, as you don't seem to understand what I've written so far. I would suggest you read again, but this time actually read what I say and interpret what I say, don't just write something you already decided even before I have written, that might have made sense in another situation.

If you need for me to say it again, I will, just because I'm not an asshole. I will never ask for money in exchange of my organs. Do you understand this? I was saying that it should be up to the owner of the organs to decide what to do with them, charging money in exchange of them, being one of the many things he could actually do with them. Did you get this? I am pro-choice, as you seem to be only when it fits your pre-established conclusions. And I think that the receiver should not pay for neither blood, plasma, or organs. Are you getting this or should I give up?

Nobody called me an asshole, I just wanted to say that I'm not an asshole for no particular reason. If that statement confused you I apologise and take it back.


Why should the living donors be rewarded, and not the dead (the person(s) someone choses to receive the money)? The living donor has a greater chance of donating just to make money. I really don't understant your reason on this particular matter, unless you are talking strictly about reimbursing them for their time, medical bills, etc., and not for the organ(s) per se.

I suppose you have the right to sell your organs, and removing the chance to be a hero, or do a morall good thing simpley because you are a good and moral person, and instead, you can try to make it about money, i can understand your wanting money, it is the main goal of TOO MANY humans, it seems---not doing the right thing, not helping another, but MONEY!!!
because i have no god, does not mean i want money to be god. Enigma, money is not god. It is not.


This is an aggresive statement, and more importantly, an ignorant one. First of all, you do not remove the chance to be a hero. As a matter of fact you are a bigger hero. You just don't seem to see the bigger picture, and why I think like this. I explained to you that I do not think that the recipient of an organ should pay for it, if financial compensation will ever be necessary. I explained to you that the money should be received only if asked for and only by the person(s) designated by the owner of the organs. I explained to you that you can not be greedy once dead, and that you can not desire to make more and more money, you are simply looking after the ones that you leave behind, while helping another person(s) remain a little longer alive. I do not see this as greed. On the contrary, it is a greater and more heroic act than just giving up your organs. I hope you finally see what I am saying by this. And, in the end, the most important point of all is the choice any human being has the right to make unaffected by anyone else. Perhaps, as an atheist, you believe that we have a choice. Why should this choice be any different? Do you support choice when it comes to abortion? If yes, then why would the decision of bringing a child in this world should not be also decided by others? I am not against abortion; all I am saying is that bringing a child into this kind of world is worse than let's not prolongin someone's suffering (sure, a lot of transplant improve the life of a person, but there are also a lot of transplants that are made just to help the person not die, not to help the person live a better life). I think that bringing another child into this world is worse than not donating your organs (I will still donate mine); why should the latter one be decided by someone else? I think people should be more encouraged on giving up their organs when they die, even if it requires some money (again, I say that it should be judged on every case in particular), than to force donation, even if just by making it opt out.



last time i'll change my mind and agree with YOU!!!???


I find this statement really ignorant and I hope you will not base your other eventual replies (if any) to my posts based on something you don't agree with from a particular domain, other than the one the post is in.



If you are offended by something I have said, that's your problem. I don't like to offend people even if I am right, so I am not going to apologize for something I never did or never intended to do. You should read more careful and see what the poster really means before jumping to conclusions. I am a really really calm person and if I may have seemed a little harsh, or nasty, that's not my fault/intention at all. I am on this site to discuss different topics, not to kiss ass, or to fight with everyone. We don't have to agree with everything somebody says as long as we do it in a civilized manner. I don't think I have been/am out of line and I want you to understand that it is not my intention at all.

And you should change your opinion when you are given valid arguments against your current opinion. Don't give up learning and improving yourself (personal evolution). I think it is the greatest gift we have.


P.S.: I forgot to mention that you sometimes sound like a religious zealot. That may be a good thing only when you analyze anything and in an impartial manner, otherwise your posts can't really be enjoyed or appreciated (and that's a shame because you do have very good points sometimes).

I got 25 Euros when I gave blood in Germany... I've never gotten so much as a cent for giving blood in the USA. Must be different rules in different states or someone/some organization is paying for people to give blood at certain clinics or locations.
Where I am, it's $2000.00 per unit of blood!  We are very careful with it, needless to say.  Hope you have insurance!  However, one is paid for donating plasma but not for donating whole blood. 


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