Orange County Board of Supervisors Blurs the Wall of Separation

The Crazy Rev. Wiley Drake went before the Orange County Board of Supervisors recently and demanded that the "baby-killing organization" Planned Parenthood have their funding cut off. He reiterates his craziness when he accuses Obama of being an illegal immigrant; then claims that both he and the Board of Supervisors are ordained by God.

As if that doesn't sound crazy enough, on March 10th the board voted unanimously to suspend the funding for Planned Parenthood, citing moral and religious reasons! You can see where this is spiraling, but to make matters worse the board is considering funding Birth Choice Health Clinics, a religion-based outfit.

Nod to Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

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I cannot believe what my county is doing. The whole situation is unbelievably embarrassing.
I just want to pick him up and shake him.

"Planned parenthood is a baby killing organization!"

Riiiight. Like they're running around sniping babies in their cribs or something. No wonder everyone was laughing!
I know huh... But the audience is laughing, and then the board takes him serious. WFT?!
The stupid, it burns. This sort of thing just continuously decreases my opinion of our species.
Has there been any update on this?
I can't find anything new on it Misty; even AU doesn't have any updates.
Wow! In searching for an update on this I found the T|A page ranked 8th on the Google search.
Which is shameful, when you consider that this means that the various news organizations in the country have completely missed the story.
Its was in the news, but pretty much just the CA news; but you're right, shameful that more all over the country didn't pick it up.


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