I've always wanted to post somewhere about this but haven't but now i will. I'm looking for opinions and hoping to provide people with facts that are true if they have any that they throw out. I believe that marijuana is nothing more than a miracle medicine and relaxant and by not legalizing it, we are missing out on helping tons of people.

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No, and I sat there for a looooooong time.  My boyfriend said, "WTF?" once he came out of his stupor and realized we hadn't gone anywhere for a while.

I think that's the funniest thing I've ever heard that I didn't say!

But I will --

I tried it three times, really didn't care for the taste, smell, or the sense of time disorientation, so I never did it again. I have nothing against others using it, but I'd be a sheeple to do something I didn't enjoy, just because others are doing it. 'Nuff sed.

On the one hand, legalizing it would cut out the drug dealers and the cartels (who would just concentrate on other drugs, which, pound for pound, are much easier to make and smuggle, involve far less land investment, and are thus more profitable) and on the other, release Big Business to jump on the John Deere and start growing it for sale, and use the profits to help get the next Republican voted into office so they can find a way to rake in farm subsidies. The more relaxed we are, the less likely it is we will go to the polls to change anything.

On the third hand, said Zaphod Beeblebrox, I don't like the idea of being told what we can and can't do, whether I have a horse in the race or not.

Banning mind-altering substances hasn't really worked, has it? 

Which is worse? 

a) A guy gets into a fight/beats his wife/crashes his car, whilst drunk/high.

b) A guy gets into a fight/beats his wife/crashes his car, whilst sober/straight.

Answer - they are both equally bad.  Criminalize the behavior, not the excuse.  If you refuse to accept the excuse that the perpetrator has voluntarily taken a substance which encouraged the crime/anti-social act, then you begin to hold the perpetrator responsible for his own actions, including the action of voluntarily doing something to exacerbate such bad behavior.

If I poke myself in the eyes before I get into a car and drive, I am likely to not be able to see well enough to drive safely.  Should we criminalize poking oneself in the eyes?

Who is to blame when an anti-social act is carried out?  The perpetrator.  If the perpetrator has in some manner ingested something to increase his chances of anti-social behavior, that's his problem.

Stop wasting time and resources to place bans on substances that you really have no effective way of enforcing, and instead, legalize and tax those substances and use the vast income, coupled with freed up police time and reduced jail occupancy, to manage the actions of those people unwilling or unable to manage themselves.



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