I've always wanted to post somewhere about this but haven't but now i will. I'm looking for opinions and hoping to provide people with facts that are true if they have any that they throw out. I believe that marijuana is nothing more than a miracle medicine and relaxant and by not legalizing it, we are missing out on helping tons of people.

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I agree, and disagree, and then agree some more.

First, miracle medicine implies something supernatural is at work. I see no reason to think this.

Second, there are a number of points in favour of legalising cannabis (marijuana is(was?) Mexican slang).

  1. It's less damaging than alcohol.
  2. It does a fantastic job of reducing pain and nausea while increasing appetite. Perfect for terminal illness sufferers who are on intense drug therapies.
  3. It shouldn't be anyone's business but mine what I ingest, be it for medicinal reasons, or recreational reasons.
  4. Legalising does less harm to society than prohibition.
  5. Some studies have shown many medicinal benefits to cannabis including anti-cancer properties, and relief from depression and anxiety, although these are still quite controversial due to the lack of volume of papers on the subject (caused by a lack of suitable cannabis available for study due to prohibition).

When i say miracle I do not insist supernatural but I do insist amazing medicinal benefits for a wide variety of afflictions, as you said helping by reducing pain and nausea, but also it affects mental health as well, positively in my opinion.

I agree with all but 3, because if you could be sure you didn't interact with anyone else while under the influence of the drug, it would be an ideal world. Unfortunately that kind of isolation seldom happens and you end up making it somebody's business the instant you interact with someone else. I think this happens less in the medical application and more frequently than most care to admit in the recreational application.

Bob, please refer to item number 1 and apply your argument to other recreational drugs.

I agree #1 is likely true but my argument stands for all drugs including alcohol. The statement "It shouldn't be anyone's business but mine what I ingest" is only realistic if your actions have zero impact on the lives of others around you.You should have every right to ingest whatever you want but the moment you interact with the lives of others while under the influence, I believe you have made it their business to take action in their own defence.

so if I'm, smoking weed that's ok, but then when I walk to the corner store for some ice, then it's suddenly everyones business? Wrong. Lots of people smoke weed and act perfectly fine in public, even extra polite and patient. Lots of people are perfectly sober and act like insane assholes all the time. The content of my urin is not you're buisness, it's not the clerk at the stores buisness, it's not the buss drivers buisness, or the lady I pass in the street every day. It's just my buisness.

Yep, I say you suddenly made it everyone else's business when you went outside after smoking weed.I don't think your opinion that smoking weed doesn't effect you in any way is unique, as lots of people acknowledge it can have an effect on some people but not them.Science tells us, at the very least, your percepton and reaction times are different.The content of your  urine can become others business when you are found liable for your actions while under the influence. Unfortunately your statement that "lots of people smoke weed and act perfectly fine in public" is not a constant as I am sure just as many people smoke weed and act badly in public as well. It is obvious you can perform many tasks while under the influence and nothing appears wrong but if in one instance the circumstances are different you could be found liable for your actions and it is no longer just your business.

It only becomes someone else's business WHEN it's the cause of some misbehavior or of an accident. But drinking soda or smoking a cigarette or engaging in an animated conversation with a passenger can also cause an accident, but people of your mind think that because it involves MARIJUANA that's evidence drugs need to be controlled whereas soda, cigarettes, or interacting with passengers would be considered too silly to discuss.

Exactly what I said, It becomes someone else's business when there is an incident resulting from the actions of the person under the influence of a drug.The point I was making was simply that in some cases the person taking the drug has to bear the responsibility of doing so. I was also pointing out some situations where it could become somebody' else's business what you ingest and that kind of attitude is rather irresponsible. I did say any drugs and "people of my mind" (whatever that is supposed to mean) don't necessiraly think that because it involves MARIJUANA  that's evidence drugs need to be controlled.I didn't say anything about controling drugs. I am simply saying take responsibility for your actions.Maybe you should be cautious of "people of my mind" that cause you to express a knee- jerk reaction resulting in you exposing your paranoia of anyone you perceive as speaking out against drug use.  


Maybe you should read your own posts. You wrote "you end up making it somebody's business the instant you interact with someone else." NOT when you have an accident. Not when using the drug causes some sort of harm or negative impact.

I do know how to read English.

Perhaps I should have said you have the potential of making it somebody's business. As you pointed out "It only becomes someone else's business WHEN it's the cause of some misbehavior or of an accident." Doesn't this contradict the " It's nobody's business" theory?

So that only applies to weed then? if I take benzodiazapines for bi-polar disorder then I should have to stay in my house twenty four 7? all those people sitting in bars drinking are wrong to be drinking in a public place? You want to aresst people for the things they possibly could do, not what they do, or intend to do. I don't owe you anything, certainly not my body.

"I don't think your opinion that smoking weed doesn't effect you in any way..."

I never said that. If marijuana didn't affect me in any way I wouldn't smoke it. And the contents of my urin are no ones buisness and the people who would make it their buisness are people who would trample the fourth amendment, as well as attempt to make my body communty property.


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