I've always wanted to post somewhere about this but haven't but now i will. I'm looking for opinions and hoping to provide people with facts that are true if they have any that they throw out. I believe that marijuana is nothing more than a miracle medicine and relaxant and by not legalizing it, we are missing out on helping tons of people.

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well said Matt...

It also causes short term memory impairment, decreases motivation, slows response time, disorients, can cause paranoia, and in susceptible people is addictive.  It should be decriminalized.

it can cause all those things, as a user I can honestly tell you that I have decent memory and I work on a horse farm so I have to high motivation to finish all the work i do. I also have no problems with stopping as well. I might be one in a million though lol

How do you know what you have forgot? :-)

I don't know I forgot :P haha I actually forget very little though!

i think a lot of the negative effects mentioned here vary from person to person, for me personally, i remember smoking a lot during class breaks in college and going back to class extremely focused and in the zone on what i was working on, i know a lot of people including myself who feel motivated to do particular things after smoking, although id say the stereotype is that most stoners are lazy and just want to sit on the couch all day watching stupid movies(i know these types of pot smokers as well), i personally was an extremely active and motivated person whether i was high or not, and i know many people who are the same way, never really felt disoriented except for maybe the first few times ever smoking pot, never had any major paranoia issues on pot, knew people who did though, and i wasn't a feen or ever felt the need to smoke, although if you brought up the topic of smoking i was more likely to want to go home to light up, much like if i were hungry and you started talking about food i would want to order something, actually haven't smoked in about 4 months, used to almost everyday for about 2 to 3 years though, got it for free :-)

I agree with you except the miracle.

As a lifetime user, I have gone through life rather well. No education problems. Obviously there are memory issues. Proven in scientific testing or not...I don't care.

I am very secure with my intellect. My IQ is up there above average. I am a freethinker.

I believe I would be in the same position had I not tried marijuana at a young age.

I had a choice. I chose to partake. It was not forced upon me due to circumstances, but I was invited to try.

I have a work colleague who is hispanic, absolute theist, whom one day we were having our usual mocking session say to me "well maybe if I was like you, drinking beer, cussing, and smoking MOTAR I would probably not believe the whole truth and not be too smart..." I stopped him right there and said " whoah....stop. Let me let you into a little secret there sparky. I have spent my life doing those things with literally dozens and dozens of people." "SO" he says...to which my reply was.."I don't know any other atheists".

He wanted to work the rest of the day in silence. So I put my earphones back on and continued to work whilst listening to the narrated "God Delusion" to which I would laugh from time to time.

That broke the silence for a moment. He asked me what I was listening to. I told him it was a really funny book on audio. "Oh, what is it?"

I told him it was "the bible".

He went back to the silence he wanted. He never has any answers to any of my questions though he is the one who holds it up so high.

Sorry if I strayed off topic or was just babbling. I have strong views on what I think is wrong or right.

It may cause a decrease in IQ

The artical only applies to chronic use by children, a condition that exists almost exclusivly because of prohibition.

"The key variable in this is the age of onset for marijuana use and the brain's development"

"Study subjects who didn't take up pot until they were adults with fully-formed brains did not show similar mental declines"

Children should not use mind altering substances because their brains are still in the process of developing.

It's good stuff. A lot better then benzo's for sure, and they pour that stuff down people's throats all day.

It is not a miracle medicine, it is a psychoactive drug. As such, it comes with benefits and disadvantages just like any drug does. In my opinion the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, and for me personally it helps me hold down codeine during migraine attacks, leading to substantially less consumption of the latter.

Hi Arcus, hope it's ok to ask. Do you find the cannabis gives you any relief from your migraines? If they are cluster headaches you might try a psilocybin based treatment, I hear it works wonders.


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