I've always wanted to post somewhere about this but haven't but now i will. I'm looking for opinions and hoping to provide people with facts that are true if they have any that they throw out. I believe that marijuana is nothing more than a miracle medicine and relaxant and by not legalizing it, we are missing out on helping tons of people.

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Try vodka mixed with Mountain Dew - just the right lime taste! For years, I drank rum and coke with a twist of lime (Cuba Libres), but switched, now I'd never go back!

Which reminds me, it's gotta be five o'clock someplace --

I strongly suspect you actually don't drink that cocktail. Unless, of course, your taste buds are so damaged that you don't recognize what a sickly taste Mt Dew has. The only worse taste might be gin and ginger ale. In my college days I was in a bar with my brother and the bartender asked what my brother wanted and he said "Gin and ginger ale." After the bartender and several customers within earshot stopped laughing, he asked "Which one are you trying to ruin, the gin or the ginger ale?"

As a matter of fact, I just finished one - the two flavors combine to complement each other, becoming more than the sum of its parts - try it, you'll like it --

There's nothing so dreadful about marijuana by comparison with a Big Mac and fries, 64 ounce soft drinks, alcohol, tobacco, and 40+ hours a week spent on one's ass in front of a TV or computer, that should keep us from taking it out of the hands of drug cartels and allowing it to be sold just like tobacco and alcohol are to verifiable adults.

Personally, I am repulsed by the thought of smoking marijuana or anything else.  But I see no reason why it shouldn't be legal, especially if tobacco and alcohol are legal.  Any grounds that I might assert for prohibiting the consumption of marijuana should apply equally to those mass killers - more so, since alcohol and tobacco kill millions each year, whereas there never has been a single, documented case of death from smoking pot.  Cannabis is far more benign, even, than a plethora of medical products advertised on television as a steady stream of possible harmful effects are displayed in a devious effort to forestall lawsuits.

But politicians, at the behest of the tobacco companies and the liquor industry, which seek to stifle potential competition,  will continue to oppose "Reefer Madness."  They sit in their assemblies, demonizing an essentially harmless and possibly beneficial product as they puff away on their cancer sticks and guzzle their liver-ossifying happy juice.  HYPOCRITES! 

Politicians scream and holler about their freedom being taken away by not being allowed to smoke whenever and wherever they wish, regardless of how it affects the health of themselves and others.  And yet they sternly moralize and throw people into prison for years for having a joint.  Especially if they're black people.  HYPOCRITES!

But here's the big lie they don't talk about.  The common "wisdom" about why prohibition was repealed is that it caused gangsterism to rage out of control.  But the total number of deaths perpetrated by rum runners was dwarfed by the number of lives saved and improved by the relative unavailabiliy of alcohol.  Actually, the beneficial effects, economically, as well as health-wise, of prohibition far exceeded its inconveniences.  Just one example: the incidence of domestic violence PLUMMETED during prohibition - fewer drunk husbands were beating their wives.  But liquor interests, fueled largely by illicit profits, gained the power to lobby Congress and propagandize the public.  And once they managed to reverse prohibition, and again supply the public with an unlimited supply of their favorite drug, they set out to destroy the use of marijuana as a potential competitor. 

William Randolph Hearst also had a hand in it.  He not only controlled many newspapers, but the newsprint industry, as well.  He saw hemp production as a dire consequence of marijuana use and viewed it as a possible competitor to his business; so he, too, jumped on the anti-marijuana, hysteria bandwagon.

If marijuana deserves to be criminalized on the doubtful notion that it is national threat, then ALL substances that are harmful should be illegal.  Alcohol and tobacco should be the first to go.  Next would come fat, cholesterol, dietary supplements, homeopathy, oxycontin (Rush's drug), Lance's cocktail of drugs - anything that harms the health of human beings. And perhaps, way down at the bottom of that list, MIGHT be marijuana.


I'm a bit unsure about one thing you said Dale, my Dad told me that during prohibition, anyone could get any liquor they wanted, if they had the money and the right bootlegger - of course it was also the days of the Great Depression, where $2.00 was a good day's wage, if you could find work at all, so I suspect economics held down drinking for the lower classes,

Personally, my libertarian half (for I'm a quasi-libertarian) says "Make all the illicit drugs legal. We have no mandate to control people's consumption of psychoactive substances. It serves no purpose since all the illicit drugs are available anyway, supplied by some of the most vicious and ruthless gangs in the world.

At the same time, my non-libertarian half says that discrimination against drug users should be legal, so that employers and landlords should be able to require drug tests and eliminate anyone using any drug of which they disapprove. I think these two provisions strike a balance maximizing the freedom of all.

I have a friend who was just placed on administrative leave after being 'hot' for THC on a recent company drug test. She swears it was something in an over the counter med that made her register a false positive. I am not aware of anything over the counter, or under the counter, that would do that. The point being that she comes to work sober and straight. Why our society has a double standard is confusing. You can go to bed drunk and wake up and go to work but don't smoke a joint and do the same thing. Ridiculous. 

I don't want to smoke it but I think it should be decriminalized.  I don't think people should drive after smoking, as I once, while very stoned, stopped at a top sign and waited for it to turn green.  

Also, I have a daughter with medical conditions for which I think marijuana would be good.  I don't think medical marijuana is legal in my state, but she won't do it anyway.  

as I once, while very stoned, stopped at a top sign and waited for it to turn green.

That's hilarious. 

I guess that shouldn't necessarily mean that nobody should smoke and drive, but I know I shouldn't.  It did help me focus well at school, enough for me to get a good GPA in spite of the prodigious amount of partying I was doing.   Ahhh.... the '80's... good times. 

@Diane - did it?



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