I've always wanted to post somewhere about this but haven't but now i will. I'm looking for opinions and hoping to provide people with facts that are true if they have any that they throw out. I believe that marijuana is nothing more than a miracle medicine and relaxant and by not legalizing it, we are missing out on helping tons of people.

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Not really, though it alleviates a little bit of pain it is not nearly as effective as codeine in that respect. I just have straight up migraines with no aura. Triptans usually work, but become less and less effective with time and I continually have to try new types as they are released. 

@Arcus - have you had an MRI, to make sure it isn't something even more serious?

I rarely use marijuana, but when I do....it's marvelous.

I believe marijuana, as a recreational intoxicant, is less harmful than alcohol and therefore it's use should be fully legalized.  I don't know about it being a miracle drug, but I have heard that marijuana juice has some very positive health benefits.

By not legalizing it we are providing a revenue stream for organized and often no so organized criminals. As a Canadian it seems I live in a society where many people are active users and most don't mind it other than the smell. It also seems that enforcement of laws is fairly soft when it comes to small personal amounts. So for the end user here it can essentially seem like it is legal. So instead of being forced to buy from a dealer of questionable repute why not allow said end user to grow a personal amount or by from a tax paying, on the level, distributor? I don't foresee an increase in the number of people using it the overall result would be a weaker revenue potential for criminals and perhaps some tax revenues generated form legitimate businesses. 

Hey man, you see my Furry Freak Brother comics anywhere? Maybe that damn cat hid them on me !! .......and if you understand that you know my opinion :-)

Phineas, Fat Freddy, And Freewheelin' Franklin....

In the early seventies I loved reading that shit and staying smoked...ah the good ole days....

I love the way they say "Marijuana is a gateway to harder drugs." Okay. I think perhaps alcohol and cigarettes are the more common gateway drugs, and both of them are more harmful than marijuana.

Potatoes are the gateway food to deep fried mars bars.

Or deep fried macaroni and cheese. LOL

OMG! 100% of murderers have admitted to drinking water!

100% of cancer victims are also drinkers of water!

Water is the leading cause of drowning!

Horrible.. I'll stick to coke from now on. I don't want to end up in prison.

And for me, my meth, heroin, and vodka cocktail.


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