Hi, my name is Chancy. I'm a 29 yr old IT guy from small town Iowa. I've been looking for a good Atheist group to join but that's hard to come by in god's country, USA.


I'm 100% atheist but have always loved learning and discussing theology.

I love science fiction, rum, film, the 80's, and everything British.


I love what I've seen of the site so far and I'm looking forward to getting into the group!


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Hey, I didn't know they even HAD IT in small towns in Iowa!! (Like I'm one to talk - I live in a town called Flowery Branch GA, and it is as small as it sounds ;) ). Just kidding - anyway....


Welcome, Chancy! I think you'll find this place warm and inviting, and the people here are fantastic - starting with our "fearless leader", Morgan Matthew! He's the guy who put all of this together for us, and his drive, determination, and even his aesthetic as a graphics designer are what make this place so appealing.


Of course, Morgan couldn't do this all alone. He has a whole host of minions that help him keep this heathen ship afloat, so please take the time to show your appreciation to them as well for this place and how they take care of it for us!


There are a diversity of opinions, ideas, beliefs, and convictions on here - and there is no doubt you'll find someone who either shares these traits with you, or who may want to discuss them with you - if you are so inclined.


So, hang out, take your coat off, put your feet up, and stay awhile. I'm sure you'll find your way and be comfortable here in no time at all!




--Rocky, aka LotusGeek

Welcome man.

Sci-fi, Rum, Film and discussing theology?   Well that's a damn good start chappie!!

I don't suppose it would be right to hold the accident of your geographical birth location against you now would it?  :p


But you do need to look into a drink called the Bundy Dark and Stormy.

And having left the IT field early before I really got into it, I am just going to have to settle for shrink wrapping your head after assembly ....

I'm gonna have to look into that drink. Sounds like a good one for this weekend!


Welcome Chancy!!! Please remember to pay tribute to the Flying Spaghetti Monster ;). We're celebrating Halloween in his 'spaghettish' name.

Welcome. I have been open with my Atheism for years but would like to "out" myself here. I am also an IT person. There I said IT. That feels better :)

Damn, with all this IT love, we should start our own group. IT Crowd FTW baby!


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Bundy ranch wtf

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