"No one can be an atheist who does not know all the things. Only God is an atheist. The devil is the greatest believer and he has his reasons".

Somebody posted this quote on twitter, could somebody give me the context of the quote and what do you think about the quote?

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I was watching a BBC programme about Science last night and Prof. Brian Cox was talking about the Scientific Method and why it is an authority over what and how we know things.  He was standing in a bookshop as he spoke. He continued that the beauty of scientific journals is that they garner respect because they are based on peer reviewed consensus. That is what makes them and science worthier than any single book. He continued that it should be remembered that a book is just one persons’ opinion and no matter how clever it sounds it will never be more than an opinion if it does not reach “Consensus”. As he was saying that he “accidently” and for a split second showed the name of the author of the book in his hand…you could make out the words” Deepak Chop..” My side were sore from laughing. Prof. Cox once had to apologise on live TV for insulting astrologists in Britain when he rubbished it in an earlier science programme. Lol.

@GM thanks for the woo generator link. I had forgotten that.

Chopra makes me barf in my mouf whenever I hear him talk. 

Here is some woo generated by that link. It sounds just like the Grand Master of Woo:

"Your consciousness is reborn in new destiny"
"The universe gives rise to dimensionless possibilities"
"The secret of the universe inspires the expansion of neural networks"
"God arises and subsides in unique abstract beauty"
"Infinity is the wisdom of spontaneous positivity"
"The future is only possible in immortal potentiality"
"The physical world grows through essential opportunities"
"Experiential truth embraces universal mortality"
"Perception is rooted in karmic creativity"
"The soul exists as ephemeral human observation"

Unusual for me to read a post three our four times and get a belly laugh EVERY time.

I googled it and this post is the only thing that comes up.  So I don't know the context. 

I think it means "Only God can know everything."  The implication is that atheists think they know everything, i.e. better than God.  The Devil is the greatest believer - what?  You've lost me now.  Sorry. 

As DarkMatter 2525 put it (assuming that there IS a god), what if there's something that he doesn't KNOW that he doesn't know?

Another theist tard who thinks Atheists think they know everything. I often find myself explaining that being an Atheist boils down to saying "I Don't Know, But I Want To Find Out." Atheism is not only the absence of belief in god, it's admitting that some things are unknowable at this time, but believing that knowledge will come in time.

"Only God is an atheist"

So is this saying that god doesn't believe in himself because he knows he doesn't exist? It must be hard not to believe in yourself when the whole world is "under your control".

Nice detective work, Belle.  The quote still appears to be nonsense, though.  FUUUUUUCK WHAT DOES IT MEAN    ???????   :-/


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