Hi there! I somehow managed to ignore this forum when I first joined this site, but I'm writing here now.


My name is Ingrid and I'm currently attending High School. I was born and raised in a Christian home in Norway, but I started to doubt my religion some time during Junior High School. I haven't really been active or involving myself within any atheist communities before, so I really hope I can be more outspoken and find some comfort here.


I guess I should tell more about myself. I'm really curious in nature, and I love reading about topics I'm interested in. My favorite subjects in school are philosophy and International English, and I'm also looking forward to taking biology next year. Other than that, I enjoy playing video games and Japanese pop culture. I like reading books too, but I'm what you would consider to be a slow reader who is a bit too easily distracted. I'm a huge fan of Dawkins, and I'm currently reading "The God Delusion". Music is also a big part of my life, and I regret the day I said no to learning how to play an instrument.


I think most of the population here in Norway is non-religious, and most of the people I know have questioned their religion. We still have to put up with quite a few nut jobs, though. It seems that people come all the way from the US to preach about Mormonism, which disturbs me a great deal. I was stopped on the street by a friendly guy with the book of Mormon in his hands who wanted to help me find God through prayer. He even wanted my phone number so that he could call me and ask whenever I would be available. I asked him if I could just get their web address instead, and he wrote it down for me, which was simply mormon.org. Another example of such lunacy in my country is our Princess Märtha Louise of Norway. She claims that she can talk to angels and has established a school for those who want to get involved in healing. Need I go on? Islam is apparently on the rise too, and I've heard about a lot of people who have converted.


I guess that's all I have to say at the moment. I'm really excited about finding this community, and I hope I'll get to know you guys and get more engaged in conversations and discussions!


Also, I have to thank ProfMTH on Youtube for promoting this place and leading me here. You should check out his channel if you haven't already. :)

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Welcome the think atheist. Although I am not an atheist (I am an Agnostic Christian) and also have doubts anyways. The God Delusion is not a very good book, philosophically speaking.


If you want a good book about Christianity and defending it, I strongly advise Simply Christian by Tom Wright; an incredible book. 


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