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I too am new here. I found out today that after 15 years of friendship, my BFF has decided that my atheism is just too much for her. In the past week I have lost more friends than I care to count. (I think it has to do with how vocal I can be about my atheism, especially in light of the non-rapture). My sisters are no longer speaking to me and my mother is "very disappointed" with me and countless other family members "no longer understand me". The funny thing is, I have been an atheist for 10 years. 

The only difference between me then and me now, is that I have a thirst for knowledge like never before. I not only want to learn as much as I possibly can because it suddenly interests me, but because I think it is important to know what others believe and why I don't believe it. I critique Christians (and other religious believers) for not knowing the beliefs they hold onto so stubbornly. I mean, if you're going to say you believe in something, and devote your life to living a certain way, shouldn't you understand exactly what it is you claim to believe? 

In my quest for knowledge, I have found that the most joy is when I can share what I have learned with others. The problem with that though is that 90% of my friends are Christian, and have no desire to listen to or rejoice in what I have learned.  It makes for a very lonely road sometimes.


Anyway, I tend to be long winded, super silly at times, overly sarcastic and stubborn to a fault. I'm simply looking for others who share my views, and discussions with those who don't. I'm tired of feeling like the only one who enjoys intellectual conversations and intense debates. I'm sure there are others out there like me, and so I have joined this site (along with a few others) in the hopes of learning more about everything, and making friends along the way.

--Autumn (in jeans) 

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Hah! Yes I did miss it!! Thanks!! LOVE chatting!!!!!! Quite the addiction.
Welcome! If it's knowledge you are seeking, this site is chock full of people who can share their knowledge with you. I know I've learned a lot since joining. And since I've joined, I've not seen one cross word. No arguments, just debates. No insults, just comical ribbing. I think you'll like it here. I too have realized my unquenchable thirst for knowledge, it is my life's goal to fill my head with as much of it as possible. So much in fact that I want to be able to quote Dawkins word for word, but lose all ability to handle basic everyday tasks. The room for all that knowledge has to go somewhere. I can always hire someone to tie my shoes.
Posting bible passages is a game that any number can play. Keep a bible handy, & carefully select passages that refute their. It's no great trick. The Wholly Babble is filled with absurdities / contradictions. Good luck.
This is true, but I have found that most xians don't know their bible. At all. As an atheist (and a skepchick) I am ALWAYS seeking, ALWAYS questioning.... I just don't get how someone can be more than comfortable preaching that they have the truth when they haven't even looked at the "evidence". Gah!
By far, the majority of Xians have never read the book on which their'faith' is based. Religion is a matter of geography & parentage. In the words of Mark Twain, reading the bible is the best cure for Xianity. It has persuaded more Atheists & Agnostics than any ten preachers. What a pity that most people aren't readers.
Telling my family hasn't been as big of a deal as I thought, save for the older generations. My father and grandparents don't know. After telling my brothers and mom, they decided that it would be best to keep it quiet around him unless I want to get kicked out of the house. Then came the something or other about being disowned by my grandparents. Those who know have been accepting, to a point. I still get the "You can't be Serbian if you don't believe in God." I'm not worried about it simply because there's very little logic behind it. It seems to me that the younger generation is more accepting. Sure, jokes are made, but they're rarely said with bad intentions. Seeing how less in touch with their faith kids my age are brings a smile to my face. The younger generation may be stupid, but we're more accepting and open to change. 


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