Hello all, 

I too am new here. I found out today that after 15 years of friendship, my BFF has decided that my atheism is just too much for her. In the past week I have lost more friends than I care to count. (I think it has to do with how vocal I can be about my atheism, especially in light of the non-rapture). My sisters are no longer speaking to me and my mother is "very disappointed" with me and countless other family members "no longer understand me". The funny thing is, I have been an atheist for 10 years. 

The only difference between me then and me now, is that I have a thirst for knowledge like never before. I not only want to learn as much as I possibly can because it suddenly interests me, but because I think it is important to know what others believe and why I don't believe it. I critique Christians (and other religious believers) for not knowing the beliefs they hold onto so stubbornly. I mean, if you're going to say you believe in something, and devote your life to living a certain way, shouldn't you understand exactly what it is you claim to believe? 

In my quest for knowledge, I have found that the most joy is when I can share what I have learned with others. The problem with that though is that 90% of my friends are Christian, and have no desire to listen to or rejoice in what I have learned.  It makes for a very lonely road sometimes.


Anyway, I tend to be long winded, super silly at times, overly sarcastic and stubborn to a fault. I'm simply looking for others who share my views, and discussions with those who don't. I'm tired of feeling like the only one who enjoys intellectual conversations and intense debates. I'm sure there are others out there like me, and so I have joined this site (along with a few others) in the hopes of learning more about everything, and making friends along the way.

--Autumn (in jeans) 

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Welcome Welcome

Hi Autumn

You are without a doubt not alone in this. I'm also quite a recent member of TA and it surprised me how immediately welcoming a lot of people here were.

I still haven't even told my dad (a devout christian) that I am an athiest because I know the result will probably not be pleasant. So I endure the sermons he gives until I can summon enough courage to "come out" as it were. Some of my other christian friends and family members who were previously pretty close to me, while still talk to me, seemed to have backed off and started keeping a bit more distance when they found out, almost as if they believe that they will be damned by association.

I also have experienced a great thirst for knowledge (especially in the cosmos) and still do. It's funny that when you stop listening and blindly accepting religious dogma, your mind actually begins start working. It is a fantastically rich and rewarding experience.

I was so happy to finally find a social network where I have the opportunity to truly relax and be me. This is a good community full of intelligent discussion and free thought.

Welcome! :)

It might make you feel better to know (though you'd have to confirm this with them) that it may not have anything to do with being damned by association. A few former christians I have talked to stated that those who were of different faiths were to them less likely to ascend into heaven but even with members of other faiths there was at least a chance, for an atheist however, that chance is nil. As a result it actually hurt them to "know" that those whom they cared about would inevitably fall into the pit of torment, and no I don't mean marriage. Though I can't say whether the mantra was intended to segregate initially, or simply a benefit of the initial fear tactic, nevertheless it is still quite effective. Why get close to someone whom you know will be existing in torment forever?

My thought on what some of their thoughts is that if we are left alone and ostracized then we, as a pack species, would have to come around and go back to religion.

I have recently lost a lot of "friends" because I have decided to let everyone know what I think. People on Facebook are posting bible passages, etc. Sad but I don't need them in my life to be happy.

I enjoyed your Blog. Thank you for those passages. I guess if they were not forbidden to associate with non believers they would have seen the truth before. They have so many rules against questioning that it is ridiculous. I'm sure that is why the religion has lasted as long as it has.


Thanks, I am of the opinion that no matter how much we teach others, there will always be ostriches in the world. And that's okay. They taste like chicken ;)
No doubt.

Hi Autumn,


First, cool tat! Secondly it's always hard to lose friends or loved ones not because you've done anything other than being yourself. But in the end, they will either accept you for who you are, or you move on and it will be their loss. You will always have people challenge your non-belief, but know that your search for truth gives you a sense of freedom that they will never know. 


Here you will be supported and loved for you. So jump in to any discussion and reach out at any time in need. We're happy you are here!


Hello and welcome, Autumn. Great intro!


Yes, atheism is a lonely road, but I honestly believe that there are a lot more of us out there than the current statistics indicate. Social and family pressure are, I suspect, keeping a lot of atheists in the closet. My hope is that sites like these will give more people the courage to stand up and speak out for what they [don't] believe in. I truly believe that a wave of rationalism is building in this country that is, little by little, chipping away at the religiosity that has kept this country (on some levels at least) in the dark ages for so long. A lot of people are beginning to wake up from the fairytale. As Dawkins and Hitchens have stated in so many words, we (atheists) aren't going to roll ver and keep silent anymore!



Welcome to the club.


Thanks for the support and warm welcome!

And for the record, the tattoo was designed by me and it's the first one I've ever gotten. I'm especially proud of it for that reason. Haha =)


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