I am curious if others feel the same way as me, but when someone tells me that I have "God given talent" or I was "blessed by God" I get a little offended. Not to the point that I would yell at someone, but that I would tell them that I actually worked my butt off to get where I am.
I don't like having my success undermined by God. What are your thoughts?

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Here's an idea for you: when people say "God given talent" or "blessed by God" think Higgs Boson ("god particle"), thus giving such expressions a new interpretation with fresh coloring.  Just a thought.

The bigger issue in my mind is that they never give God credit for the things that go wrong. That's always their shortcomings. You can't have it both ways. If God gets the credit, he gets the blame. A few years ago, I recieved a pretty significant promotion at work. One of my Christian friends went on to tell me that God had done it. I politely said that I had done it with all the hard work that had earned this promotion. Then I went on to say that I never blamed God for the bad things that happened in my life, so he wasn't getting credit for the good things.

I think about that one too. Carlin said it best, "And what can we do to silence these Christian athletes who thank Jesus whenever they win, never mention his name when they lose? Not a word. You never hear them say "Jesus made me drop the ball." "The good lord tripped me up behind the line of scrimmage." According to these guys Jesus is undefeated, meanwhile these assholes are in last place. Must be another one of those "miracles."

A lot of people will point to "God's Will" (I just wrote about this in my blog) when bad things happen. People would rather feel better with this mental masturbation than face facts. 

"mental masturbation"...I'll have to remember that one!  In fact, I am stealing it! :)

Lol please use it! The more the merrier :)

Do you really think people don't turn to God and religion when things go wrong?  Or don't blame Him when things go wrong?  

Do you really think people don't turn to God and religion when things go wrong?

I sometimes turn to god when I have severe diarrhea. Is that your best argument? "People turn to an all powerful skydaddy to hold their hands when they're at their weakest point and in desperate need of help"  ?

Or don't blame Him when things go wrong?

They never do. You know this as well as we do. Be a little honest.

I'm not sure how others have experienced this. I can only talk from my experience, Most christians I know praise god when things go well, and blame satan when it goes badly. I find them slightly confused when it comes to death. They all say different things and I think it is just easy for them to credit god or Satin when they can not explain what happend or can not wrap their minds around a brutal incadent such as death.

My english is not all that good but I get it :) will take me the 24 hours if I have to do a spell check on everything


It goes back to the same thing when they thank God for curing their cancer, but don't blame him for giving it to them in the first place...


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