I am curious if others feel the same way as me, but when someone tells me that I have "God given talent" or I was "blessed by God" I get a little offended. Not to the point that I would yell at someone, but that I would tell them that I actually worked my butt off to get where I am.
I don't like having my success undermined by God. What are your thoughts?

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If you have a "God given talent," or you have been "blessed by God," the obvious question should be: which god?  There are thousands of them to choose from.  To the extent that I have any "talent" or "blessing" for which to be thankful, I would first thank my genes, then my parents, then my hard work.  God?  Not so much.

I would like to personally thank Bacchus for this nice Pinot Grigio.

This seems to be a VERY popular variety of wine. My sister is hooked on it. 

Without my small vineyard all would be lost, no hope, no happiness.

En Vino Veritas...

People should start a meme of thanking the pagan god of their profession at award ceremonies. The blowback from middle America would certainly liven up all those Hollywood strokefests.

when someone tells me that I have "God given talent" or I was "blessed by God" I get a little offended. I would tell them that I actually worked my butt off to get where I am.

I have been thinking and saying this since I was like only 8 or 9 years old, every time somebody would see a singer or pianist on tv and give god the credit. Even as a child I felt that "that's just unfair, they put a lot of effort in their skill, but you say that it was just magic."

It's fucking mind boggling how stupid religious people are, that they still haven't figured this out.

If it's a god given talent, why'd you have to work your ass off to become proficient at it?


I think its because people dont know how else to respond. Its a throw away line ...

Just like atheists say -  Oh My God ... I say that a lot.

The worst one is when someone dies, especially a child and the religious response ... Its Gods Will


It may be a throw away line but eventually it will be a good development if people drop the gawd references altogether. It's a subtle unintentional reinforcement.

Will that ever happen? God knows.

This could not be better said.

To me talent is different from success. Success, in virtually any serious endeavour, requires a whole lot of work whereas talent may well be present through no fault or effort. For instance, I have perfect pitch. This is an amazing talent (to some people - to me distinguishing one note from another is no different from distinguishing one colour from another), but it required no work on my part whatever - it was just there. On the other hand I could have trained 36 hours a day but I could never have run like Usain Bolt. He has talent (in addition to working hard).

I don't like "God-given" either but, when viewed as a colloquialism, it's just one of thousands of words derived from a religious history.

To the extent that talent is the result of the roll of the genetic dice I can see how it might be considered "god given" by people who insist on ascribing volition to random chance.

But even then that raw talent is probably next to worthless without a LOT of hard work.  And that they should never thank doG for.


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