I am curious if others feel the same way as me, but when someone tells me that I have "God given talent" or I was "blessed by God" I get a little offended. Not to the point that I would yell at someone, but that I would tell them that I actually worked my butt off to get where I am.
I don't like having my success undermined by God. What are your thoughts?

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I feel that way all the time. It's probably my biggest pet peeve regarding religious people. I probably dislike it most when they talk about themselves, though. It just makes me sad to hear that they can't admire their hard work enough to give credit for what they have accomplished. It's like they think so little of themselves that they can't even admit how successful they have been.

Like the athlete ywho trains hard everyday for years with all the latest sports science, nutrition and medical backup along with a team of professional trainers. He goes out, wins a medal and the first thanks goes to his god. WTF?

Or the patient who give thanks to god that the doctor (with 30 years specializing in the area) was able to cure him.

Jesus must be turning in his grave still with all the false applause he gets.

I second the athlete comment. Same as people who wear "jesus" over the companies who sponsor them. The sponsor can't complain because it's so sacred...

I've been doing my clinical rotation at a Baptist funded hospital and it has irked me everyday when the chaplain comes in and thanks god for all the healing while I am sitting there pushing IV drugs and giving a bed bath.  Just eats at me knowing I can't say a damn thing either.

People are just really ungrateful these days 

That is so frustrating when they aplaud God for things that I have worked hard for, or in a time of hardship when my husband passed away. God neded him to come home, God will not give me any burden to carry that is to hard as he will give me the strenght to get through this. That changed my mind! Ok he had my husband murderd so that he could give me strenght to get through this raising two children on my own, oh and to test my faith. Realy! And the clasic to listen to some religious people talking about gods miracles that they have witnessed, how they have prayed for people and they got healed, I was listening to this conversation while they were taking there daily chronic medication with there tea. And then the one said I pray every day that god will take this high blood presuare away. NO NO NO

While still married, my wife's 16 year old nephew was killed in a motorcycle accident. I went  to the funeral. Hundreds of people packed in that church wondering-why? He was not wearing a helmet and was going about 60 over a small bridge. He was a great kid and I used to go fishing with him. The priest called for somebody to come up and say something. The eyes of a hundred christians gazed at me, and i was getting the elbow; me already a closet non-believer. After what seemed like hours I got up to the podium. They were probably expecting some "god called his child home" bullcrap, but instead I gave them a story about  how years earlier I taught him to tie a knot, it took a while to teach him. When he actually caught a fish with a knot he had tied, he was so proud. The entire church erupted into a mixture of laughter and tears. The priest proceeded to corrupt the story with the "apsotles all being fishers of men"..damm it!

I want to carry on living my life in such a way that if I die before I'm old, people say, "It was bound to happen - look what she was doing!", and not, "so sad, she was at the supermarket checkout when it happened".

I love your story, RobertPiano -  the priest didn't corrupt what you said, he just jumped on the bandwagon of success :)

When I'm on my deathbed and look back on my life I would like to think that the things I look back on is things that I have achieved and worked hard for. I had study hard and educate myself, in times of hardship, I had to pull myself out of it, I can not give any god any credit for anything in my life nor blame for the things I lack. When I paint it is not a god given tallent that he blessed me with, both my parents paint so it's more genetic than a blessing. And the purpose of all of this I don't know " to look back and say I survived this and then log my head to the side with my last breath" my bit of theatrics there ;) ;)

It always irks me that people try think that something good that happens is because of god.

I have a niece who, on facebook, just went into ecstacy about a beautiful morning that god had provided for her enjoyment.  This on a morning when people in the midwest were waking up to death and destruction caused by a tornado.  I wanted to ask my niece where was their beautiful morning.

Yeah, God wanted to send you some nice weather that morning just because you're so special. Unfortunately God had to rip some tornados across the plains to get your weather front there on time. But he knew how much it would brighten your day and it just tickles him to get facebook likes!

Getting rid of high blood pressure = exercise, reduced sodium diet, and reduced stressful activities - duh!


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