Hi all! I've recently just declared myself an atheist (within the last
2-3 months). I've had a tattoo idea in the back of mind that had
nothing to atheism, but a few nights ago I was hit with another idea,
one that could incorporate my "new found" atheism. I have a short story
and a long story, so I'll write the short one first, and those who are
more curious can read the longer version. :)

I LOVE the movie Sleeping Beauty, and am infatuated with the theme of,
"Once Upon a Dream." I was planning on getting "Once Upon" on my left
wrist, and "a Dream," on my right. Simple black lettering, no color. My
new idea is to turn the "a" into the scarlet "A" of Dawkins to
represent my atheist outlook. Cheesy? Brilliant? Let me know what you

"Once Upon a Dream," has more meaning to me than just being a cute
reference to my favorite movie. I've changed my direction in life,
going from music to physics. It's a big change, and I'm very excited.
I've gotten a lot of crap for it, from, "Why don't you just get a
job??" to, "What the heck are you gonna do with physics?" (as if
physics is any less marketable than a music degree, lol). I've been
told that "maybe one day I'll decide on a set path." Am I the only one
who sees my life as more than just a "path"? I see it as a blank map,
waiting to be charted and drawn in. There are so many things to do and
learn about, how could I possibly be expected to pick just one? I've
also been told that I'm selfish for feeling that way, that I should
contribute to society instead of selfishly indulging in every "whim."

Yeah, well... so long as I'm paying my bills, I could care less how I
do it. And this is how the phrase came to have more meaning to me. It
represents my entire outlook on life. I want my life to be "once upon a
dream" turned reality. I want to be free to do and learn what I please.
Right now? My dream is to work for NASA in four years. Four years ago
it was to go to grad school for music theory. I don't feel I'm in the
wrong for wanting to change. I've gotten my degree in music, I was
successful in that. Now it's time to be successful in something else.

Turning the "a" into the scarlet "A" will keep the phrase grounded. I
don't want it to seem like I'm all about fairies, unicorns, and
rainbows. I get that life can be hard. And the reasoning it takes to
reach an atheist conclusion on life will give the phrase a
scientific/reasonable twist. Yes, I'm free to dream and learn and
travel, but I need to make sure I'm not being naive about it.

Make sense? Ha, I hope so. What does everyone think? And you're more
than welcome to comment on more than just the actual tattoo. :)

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I love your attitude about life! Good on you and good on physics!

Personally, I have a deep aversion to and dislike of tattoos. However, I think your idea of the Atheist "A" is a good one. I have nothing to add to its qualities for making a statement, really. Poetic and meaningful.
Aw, thank you! I already have a tattoo (which also has a lot of meaning behind it), so I know what "category" people will put me because of it. I appreciate your ability to like the idea without actually liking tattoos. :D
You're obviously an intelligent woman. Music theory is no cake-walk. Physics could be seen as the yang to music's yin :-).

I don't think many people will pick up on the significance of your tattoo . . . but you're doing it for you -- not them -- right?

Can I be honest here? Yeah? Thanks :-)

My dad has many tattoos that he acquired while in the army. That was 60 years ago. He told me to never get tattoos. He said they come in and out of fashion over the decades; which is not good when they're out of fashion. He also said that his whole identity has changed over the years . . . but his tattoos are still the same. He's sorry he ever got them.

Personally, I think of the movie, "An Officer and a Gentleman", when I think about tattoos; probably because it reinforces what my father told me. Tattoos are virtually permanent (although I know they can now be removed). Tattoos are very much socially acceptable for now but, if cyclical trends repeat themselves, they'll be out of fashion again. If you're getting the tattoos for yourself -- for your own reasons -- then I suppose it won't matter to you when they fall out of fashion.

Tattoos are more permanent than most marriages. I think they need to be considered carefully. Some people only get tattoos placed where they're not publicly visible. Others want the world to see. My take is that tattoos need to be worn with pride (for the rest of your life) -- or not at all.
Ha, of course you can be honest! Thanks for the compliments! And yes, I am doing it for me. Even though I'm still prolly gonna get it, I will agree with you and your
 dad. I'm don't get tattoos to be on the edge of
society or because they're the cool thing to do. 
The one I have and any future ones will be in
regards to my deep-seated personality traits
and beliefs. Granted, I did say I've "recently"
found my atheism, but what I really meant was
I've finally come out of the closet so to speak.
I feel like twenty years from now, I'll still be able
to look at this tattoo and be reminded of who I
am. Sometimes you need that, you know? :)

Sorry if this is formatted weird. I'm on my iPod
and I don't think it likes this website, lol.
Tattoos are like scars - they never go away, and they tell a story. Thankfully, you can choose which story they tell. :-)

I'm not going to tell you not to get a tatto. I have a very meaningful one myself, and since it does tell a story that is a part of me, it is never going to be irrelevant. Just be very sure that you know what (and where) you want it. The shops can make a 'fake tattoo' of sorts, more like a stencil, and stamp it on so that you get a preview to see what it will look like.

But I don't get the feeling you're wondering IF you should get a tattoo - you sounds pretty confident that that's what you want, so more power to you!
Thanks! Yeah, I'm pretty sure I want it. 
I don't think I'll ever NOT be a dreamer.
I can see this tattoo being relevant to me
for the rest of my life. :)
Think about it again. Then again. Sounds like a good idea? Then do it!

Love the idea. I would give my soul to see a theist looking at the scarlet "A" and shouting

"Why doesn't it burn!?" or "The mark of Satan!" ( if not shouting then thinking misinterpreted thoughts )
Ha!!! Oh, I feel like I barely know the possible
reactions I might get. But you know... I'm
almost looking forward to them. :)
I would certainly be inwardly tickled every time I see a cross reaction :-)

I have a Rolling Stones concert T-shirt (from the Voodoo Lounge concert tour) that gets cross reactions from religious folks. It's in tatters now, I've been wearing it for 16 years. Anyway, it's a black T-shirt with sinister-looking skeletal figures on both front and back. It looks satanic without actually having a satanic symbol of any kind (although it does have a devil . . . is that a satanic symbol?). The funny thing is that, here in the Philippines, the only people I've seen react negatively to it were western tourists or expatriates. :-)

Once, in Tijuana, Mexico, an American woman approached me and said she would pay me $50.00 for my shirt. I declined, explaining that it had sentimental value :-)

I just now took front and back photos of the T-shirt. Here they are . . .

. . . and . . .


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