If you believe something is evidence... ask yourself is this really proof? Is this scientific proof? Would this hold up in court? Or is it just a photo that could be faked? An idea that could be misrepresented? Or information that is just hearsay?

Ask yourself these questions... Do you like the concept of being innocent until PROVEN guilty? Then RESPECT IT.

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Kaku is my favorite Physicist :) Great video! I've heard him speak of the Kardashev scale before (Type 0, Type 1 etc...)

The Kardashev scale is a great motivator for us to grow moving forward... we all know the importance of having goals... in order to achieve something we have to first an idea of what we want!

The problem is... many people fear the future... and that's troubling.

They fear the future without foreknowledge.  I think if we are able to focus on that bigger, conceivable future, it will make change more desirable and people less fearing of the 'Big Unknown'. 

But of course that's a subjective opinion, of which I believe everyone has at least one :)

Great video, Strega. I often wonder if science will enable the religious to wipe our species off the map. It would be so ironic.

Well, humanity IS doomed if viewed in the appropriate perspective. In a few hundreds of thousands of years we'll evolve into something quite different, and in a few billion the earth will fry no matter what. :)

But I agree with your disdain of doomsday prophets. They are, above all, just silly people. 

The thing for me is... I believe the BIGGEST PICTURE in regards to life... is to think of ALL LIFE and the continuation of all life. In my mind, i've adapted the goal of all life. To live as long as possible and perhaps spread the seed of life as far and wide through time and space as possible.

I don't simply wish for humanity to exist in space reenacting my favorite a sci-fi movies. I would be happy as well if an evolutionary offspring of the goldfish was the first to adapt to space. I just want life to fulfill this goal. I think that is the big picture. And one our species or a future version of our species will adopt as well. It appears as if life has intention and I would like to contribute.

I completely agree dragotron - that is exactly the requirement.

Thank you Strega... I have a difficult time properly illustrating this point and even when I do not many people know what the hell i'm talking about :)

i'm 100% behind seeding barren planets with microbial life and letting life have its way

Totally...key word being barren.. many might think of this as "unnatural" but it may very well be the start of something amazing. It could very well one day save the prospect of life itself in our solar system.

Sadly, you may be right...i Would take out an insurance policy on life

Humanity will be just another failed experiment on the planet's evolutionary time line.

We will go extinct long before we will have the capability to "seed" other planets.

I think there is a cosmic rule that says a single species only gets to destroy one planet at a time and Earth was ours.

Shucks our politicians end every speech with an appeal to a mythical beast.

I kind of enjoy a good conspiracy theory...it's like an urban legend...it's just interesting to see what peoples hopes and fears are and how that fuels these new memes


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