If you believe something is evidence... ask yourself is this really proof? Is this scientific proof? Would this hold up in court? Or is it just a photo that could be faked? An idea that could be misrepresented? Or information that is just hearsay?

Ask yourself these questions... Do you like the concept of being innocent until PROVEN guilty? Then RESPECT IT.

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The two buildings were made using a new architectural design which was thought to be more stabilising for the height.  Consequently the main support for the structure, I believe was in the core, rather than distributed.  Whilst increasing stability for the overall structure, it acted adversely when hit by planes, and this is why the buildings appear to crumble the way they did, in an unusual pattern.

(I read the insurance loss adjusters report as part of a previous job)

I'll believe the conspiracy theories when Anonymous publishes the memos and emails.

All modern prophets are about 98% wrong,  

So I'd be better off asking one what the lottery numbers aren't...

Am I wrong or is the common theme among the religious, conspiracy theorists and Preppers, fear?

Have we as a culture and or species made fear our obsession?

Are we addicted?

The FEAR of death and dying is one of our biggest and most problematic phobias. Religion waltzes in and sticks a pacifer in our collective mouth.


Religion is the exploitation of the fear of death.

But it seems to me like our species has to have a boogeyman.

Some overwhelming dark specter that means to do us in.

Death, the devil, evil government, dooms day, alien invasion, Artificial intelligence, etc.

But in reality it is nothing more that fear itself.

Fear of the boogeyman probably kept us alert and saved a lot of our early ancestors out in the bush.

I think another quirk of the human mind which feeds conspiricism is our tendency to find order where there is none. We seek out patterns and causation.

Very good point. I hadn't thought of that. As if there must be a reason behind every noise you happened to perceive... every shadow that crosses your path.

There is a cycle to it as well...using the supernatural as an example... you can't believe in ghosts without believing in the supernatural... and if you believe in the supernatural.. you are more likely to mistake something as a ghost.

How is death nothing?

No, you're absolutely correct. And you've picked up on my point of this post and posting it here.

I posted this on page 1..

"There's a piece of brain matter in the human temporal lobe called the amygdla which is responsible for our primal emotions like rage, hate and fear... it's also the part of our brain which conditions the media (through ratings) to be 99% negative.
It's why humans LOVE fear and negative news. We've used it for 100s of thousands of years to keep us alert and aware of predators... these days it gets bored and is often working when it doesn't need to be. It also fuels religion... AND conspiracy theorists and makes anti-science people fear science.

This is why people believed the world was gonna end in 2012... it goes on and on...

This is why EVERYONE thinks that humanity is doomed in some way. And they're WRONG. The problem with this is that it doesn't help. In facts it actually helps bring a negative outcome. If more people were optimistic in what humanity can and WILL do in our future. We have a much greater chance of achieving that grand future and solving our current grand challenges.

Read a book called Abundance:The Future is Better Than You Think  by Peter Diamandis.This man is helping pave the way to our future...


I watched it, and it was really uplifting. Thanks!

Can I get you to watch 6 minutes of Michio Kaku here on the Big Think, answering the question "Will Mankind destroy itself"?  I've been so impressed with this guy, the energy in his voice simply delights me.   Come on, six minutes.....


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