If you believe something is evidence... ask yourself is this really proof? Is this scientific proof? Would this hold up in court? Or is it just a photo that could be faked? An idea that could be misrepresented? Or information that is just hearsay?

Ask yourself these questions... Do you like the concept of being innocent until PROVEN guilty? Then RESPECT IT.

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This isn't so much a conspiracy but I see it as a illogical rhetoric...

People say BAN GMOs! I say whuuuu? Sure companies like Monsanto have been and are trying to abuse their monopoly of GMO technology in agriculture...

But to me banning GMOs altogether is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Genetically Modified foods have saved thousands of lives! There hasn't been substantial evidence that it causes humans to get cancer etc. And why would it? The knee jerk reaction people get is that it science!... guys in labcoats tampering with gods domain!
GMOs are going to continue to save lives... people can try and stop that from happening but they're gonna fail. Sure, enforce and mandate proper, fair and safe practices but don't try and throw away such an amazing piece of human innovation.

Then there's CHEMTRAILS! ARGH!!!!
I had someone post the image below on Facebook. Saying that this is a plane about to cop dust an entire city with chemicals... I did a quick image search on Google with the image itself and I found this: http://metabunk.org/threads/661-Debunked-Chemtrail-Plane-Interior-%...

They're called Ballest Barrells and what they're for test flights so major airlines can simulate a plane flying with the weight and distribution of a full flight.

EVIDENCE! Do you have it?

I like to tell Christians that because of their Bible, they must believe the World is getting worse and worse, until someday things will get so bad that they will need to be rescued and taken away by their savior.

I explain that this is the reason that I can't be a Christian.  I believe that science and technology is making life better and better.  I use civil rights as an example (who can argue against civil rights?)  Then I tell that that this is a reason that I can be a Christian, I can not have such a pessimistic view of the future.

They are usually left speechless.

What use is such pessimism? It prepares you for and makes you expect and almost wish for a negative outcome. Negativity breeds negativity. We know this. This isn't just true for the individual but for the globe. As well, if we think positively. If we BELIEVE we can do it. We can and will!

Living with the expectations of a dismal future...

Ain't nobody got time for that.

Well, such pessimism apparently wins votes among some.  Other than that, I think it's pretty useless.

I believe that there are alot of crazy people that believe alot of crazy things. But in the same breath i know there are are alot of really greedy people who are willing to do really horrible things for either profit or power. So its a double edged sword. Dismiss nonsence as conspiracy theory and thats fine, but the only problem is when conspiracy really does exist we're already in the mindset to dismiss it and often we so.

So much of our reality is based on fiction. Manipulations ment to control our minds. From children being forced to obey as out of fear of being burned alive forever to politicians sending our children to die trying to slaughter the children other nations while his buddy the arms contractor makes billions and just happens to make some political contributions afterwards..

There are really sick people in this world. Many in political office. I think caution should be used when simply dismissing something as simply conspiracy theory.

I have no problem with someone questioning authority. Or questioning anything. I do have a problem with people spreading anger as a result of anecdotal or theoretical evidence.

"An absence of evidence IS evidence of absence."

"The burden of proof is on the one making the claim."

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

Hi, I'm with the Illuminati, we had a meeting in 2000 and decided to bring down two skyscrapers in New York.  We ended up with two plans;

A.  Bring down the two buildings with controlled demolitions.

B.  Convince some religious types to fly a couple of commercial airliners into them.

After the accountants looked over both plans and gave us their analysis:

Plan A estimated cost over 20 million dollars.

Plan B estimated cost under 20 dollars.

(it turns out box cutters are a lot cheaper then high explosives)

We went with Plan B, with the savings over Plan A we were all able to take nice vacations. :D


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