If you believe something is evidence... ask yourself is this really proof? Is this scientific proof? Would this hold up in court? Or is it just a photo that could be faked? An idea that could be misrepresented? Or information that is just hearsay?

Ask yourself these questions... Do you like the concept of being innocent until PROVEN guilty? Then RESPECT IT.

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Ok, Kato, it has been a long day and I am ordering you to stand down.

.... until we meet again, and the case is sol-ved...

The ones I find most frustrating are the ones who are against vaccination. There is little evidence that vaccines cause much disease or death at all and piles of evidence of the good they do, but they latch onto the scant evidence plus hearsay and urban mythology to support their position and overrule the medical experts. 

I call these people the "educated idiots."

Few of them are very well educated - perhaps a B.A. that turned into a job at Barnes & Noble.  I find they are usually affiliated with all sorts of hippy ideas, most not really harmful, and there is this desire for a 'natural life' that becomes religion for them.

I agree. I meant they aren't snake handling hillbillies sitting out on their porch playing a banjo. One doesn't find PhD's believing in conspiracy theories generally, but plenty of students do. All the kids obsessed with the Zeitgeist movie come to mind. Just educated enough to understand enough to be confused and flim-flammed by things that they have no reason to doubt might be true. Their lives are empty and boring and they are looking for something to believe that makes it exciting for them.

In that regard, they are hard to distinguish from religious people who want the world to be more mysterious, magical, and fantastic than mere surface reality. The thing is, if they were to get more deeply into science, they'd discover just how mysterious, magical-seeming, and fantastical reality already is.

Beautifully articulated, Unseen.I'd love to get this condensed into very short wording to put into a meme :)

Very true.  The problem with science, and the scientific outlook, is that it's most cool when presented in short sound bites.  Getting into the nitty gritty requires hard work, a lot of patience, and often accepting that you are wrong.  Conspiracies, like all magical thought, allow you to jump to conclusions, declare yourself right over and over, and provide the 'eureka' rush of connecting the dots - all without any scrutiny!

Don't forget, I'm no scientist. I'm a guy with an MA in philosophy who's also a science appreciator. I don't do experiments or solve formulas or postulate new theories, I just believe the people who do the work in science. It's about all I can do with the skills I have, but I do apply critical thinking skills to the ideas I hear. 

On the latter point, for example, I wonder about the people who actually believe that some government team went in and wired the trade towers to explode in a sequential way and were cooperating with another conspiracy by the Bush Administration to fly airliners into the towers.

There are too many ways such a theory would come to light that it's an impossible conspiracy to believe in. A great number of skilled demolitionists would have been required just for the demolition part. And so far no one broke their silence? No deathbed confessions? Come on! One thing Washington D.C. doesn't know how to do is to keep a secret!

And that George Bush, for all of his faults, would risk it coming out and totally ruining his legacy is impossible to believe. I do believe there have been shenanigans, but something as likely to fall apart as that would have been eliminated early on in the vetting process, if it were even brought up. 

Much as I dislike the likes of Cheney and Rove and their ilk, it just isn't credible that they would have gone for that idea at all.

And yet a lot of smart people who either don't have or don't apply critical thinking skills buy into this rather silly idea.

Since then, engineers have explained how the collapse of the towers was inevitable once the planes hit, and due to their explanation, construction standards for NYC skyscrapers have been beefed up. No skyscraper will ever be built that an airliner would simply bounce off of, but hopefully the next time it happens, if it does, the tower will be less likely to collapse.

True, but so many things went wrong that day, and so much went well for the terrorists, who were painted as being completely inept, bubbling, Koran dropping drunks - that those who love the rush of 'connecting the dots' just can't resist connecting as many of them as possible.

Super annoying. Kids are dying deaths that could have been prevented...

What's worse? A religion causing these deaths or pure ignorance?

Neither. They are both equally intolerable.

I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist in that I often get the sense that some stories are incomplete.  In the case of 9/11, I feel that the terrorists were a lot better organized and supported than they are made out to be in the 9/11 commission report.  That isn't to say 'the government did it' - but I think the U.S. intelligence services really got caught with their pants down and all parties involved had a vested interest in painting the event as a gigantic fluke rather than admitting they really got outclassed.

That being said, I love asking conspiracy nuts for specifics.  They so often say 'the government' when asked 'who', and when asked for motive they respond 'oldest motives there are; greed & power' <- but they can never come up with specific candidates or explain how those candidates gained power or money from the conspiracy.

Alex Jones is great at fear mongering, and always speaks about 'the government' as though it's some extra-terrestrial body of unknown members.  I really can't listen to that guy.

I feel that the terrorists were a lot better organized and supported than they are made out to be in the 9/11 commission report.

Thats how I feel about the government.. wait a minute.. so George Bush... GEORGE BUSH masterminded this? Oh, ok, not George Bush, other people... ok... so SOMEONE masterminded blowing up the WTC by putting bombs in it... and to cover it up.. trained some Al Qaeda members at a small flight school in Florida so that they might one day fly jet planes into the WTC and other national monuments. Then.. take one of the jetplanes and HIDE it somewhere, maybe crash it into the ocean undetected and fire a missle at the pentagon in hopes people will believe it is a plane (noone will suspect a thing, trust me) Then... hire actors to sit on the news and pretend they had a family member on the plane who made phone calls (which everyone knows is impossible cause flight attendants tell you not to use them). And cover it all up!... Serious.. I think THAT is giving the US government a LOT of credit for their intelligence and maneuverability.

That is some GENIUS shit right there.. so many layers of genius I can't describe.


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