If you believe something is evidence... ask yourself is this really proof? Is this scientific proof? Would this hold up in court? Or is it just a photo that could be faked? An idea that could be misrepresented? Or information that is just hearsay?

Ask yourself these questions... Do you like the concept of being innocent until PROVEN guilty? Then RESPECT IT.

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For some reason whenever I ask a conspiracy theorist why they believe something... or why i should believe something.. they tell me to DO MY OWN RESEARCH. There is never specific supporting evidence.. there is just piles and piles of hearsay.

I believe THIS SPECIFIC way of thinking. This specific lack of critical thinking fuels SO MUCH irrationality in the world. Including religion.

There's a piece of brain matter in the human temporal lobe called the amygdla which is responsible for our primal emotions like rage, hate and fear... it's also the part of our brain which conditions the media (through ratings) to be 99% negative.
It's why humans LOVE fear and negative news. We've used it for 100s of thousands of years to keep us alert and aware of predators... these days it gets bored and is often working when it doesn't need to be. It also fuels religion... AND conspiracy theorists and makes anti-science people fear science.

Let's call a spade a spade: It's neo-religionism. In fact, if you head to your nearest college that teaches the sociology of religion, this is exactly what they will label it. And, for whatever it is worth, they actually retain labeling rights in this area.

Then let them name Alex Jones as Pope of this new religion, :D

Only if we can pronounce Pope the way Peter Sellers would in the Pink Panther...

You are the Perp?

Not quite sure who that is, but I believe I've heard the name in combination with "zeitgeist movie"-type videos. Without even knowing who he is, I'm assuming he has a tête à fette... 

You do not know of Inspector Clueso?  This is tragic.  I weep for your loss.

I know quite well who Sellers is - though I prefer Poirot to Clueso. My response was to Alex Jones. :)

Uhm, he's the voice and picture in the video.

I believe i need new glasses, and my assumption has been confirmed. 

and just for the record, it's "Closseau"

Wonderful movies, BTW, though I have no idea how badly Steve Martin mangled the franchise.

Clouseau, actually.

I am personally more of a Frank Drebin kinda guy. The movies were worse, the character was better imo.


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