I had a friend of mine text me today. He knows I'm an atheist. Here's the conversation:

Friend (F): Do you see beauty in things?

Me: Of course I do.

F: What's the point of seeing beauty? How does that help you. And I'm not talking about a girl

Me: Things are just beautiful. Some things aren't. Some things adapt to be beautiful, some things don't. Things that aren't living, but simply are are beautiful. Planets, mountains, stars and galaxies exist because they can, and they are beautiful in their nature. Honestly, when I look at one star, I'm humbled.

F: But where does beauty stem from? What source? "simply being beautiful" doesn't work. You can't state that w/o backing it up.

F: plane time (he has a flight back home)

Me: Things get their beauty from our responses to them. Beautiful paintings make you stop and look for a while. The mountains are breathtaking because they're so massive you can't absorb all the detail in an instant. You have to stop and look for a while. You pause and absorb all the detail you can. Stars are beautiful because they're decieving in their appearance, and once you think about it and muse on it they become more beautiful


F: That's what I'm saying. Evolution has no answer for our feelings. it falls short. Why enclose your mind so.



whatcha guys think? I'll keep you all updated. the last text he sent me is a little absurd, I thought it was going well up until that point.

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You were definitely expressing emotion throughout every explanation. Is he clueless? It seems like he's trying to find any which way to prove evolution is irrelevant, but he's not even paying attention to a thing you've said. You certainly answered his questions.

I always explain emotions as an "intangible output of the tangible (brain)" but they (fundies) always want more. Why can't they be content with how things just work; does everything have to be magical? Haha

wow, that was great. Thank you for really going in depth with that. 

when I said it was beautiful because of our response I was trying to get at the second point you brought up. that something is so different and unique that it invokes a sense of wonder and emotion that we call beauty. You just said it better than I did. 


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