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So I am new at all this. I am going through a phase where I am unsure if I am still a Christian or not. I don't believe in the bible but I believe in a higher power... I just so happen to stumble across this and was curios. I always thought that atheist were the ones who worships the devil and wore black and danced around at night casting spells on people. That is what I was taught. Boy was I wrong. I have been friends with an atheist for like 10 years and just found out LOL.

Anyways, I have 3 amazing children. They are not baptized because I want them to make that decision for themselves. Yes, it did throw a big rock in the water when I put my foot down on that. But they believe in God and Jesus. When asked how babies are made I told them God took a little of mommies heart and a little of daddies heart and made a baby and put it in my belly. When my nephew died 1 day shy of being 3 months I was asked, mommy why did he die? As hurt as I was I said well sometimes God needs baby angels. So every year we write messages Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc. on balloons and let them go in the sky so he can see them in Heaven.

Now that I am on the fence on if I am still a Christian or not, I have no idea what to do about my children. Do I pull them away from it all? We don't go to church because I don't believe I HAVE to go to a church to praise God. But how do I interfere with what my children believe? Should I just keep doing what i'm doing and let them decided when they get a little older or what? My whole family are Christians and God comes up a lot. My family stays out of religious discussions with me because I always have something to say to contradict what they are talking about.


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This is the situation. 

That's a good analogy, Belle. It is like relearning almost everything in a different light, when de-converting....

Sadly, Ari, I do believe you're right. 

Yes, great test, just does nothing for me.

Hi Savannah,

Can I ask a question? Why don't you believe in the bible? What made you decide to give up on your faith?

As for Xianity as whole, I believe many walk away from it because it offers no answers, no explanations. I am willing to bet if you had worked up the courage to ask your former pastor some questions, they most likely condemned you for it, verbally whipping you back into the sheep pen.

after reading your testimony here it  appears you already have the making s of a seeker of truth. You are right to let your children choose for themselves.

And I agree with you about going to church. There are no answers there either. When people ask me what church I go to, and I tell them I don't they seem to get very offended, tell me I NEED to have fellowship and then are standoffish and act as if I have some sort of disease.

Why are you on the fence exactly?

(This video will seem like a non sequitur, unless you've read most of the posts in this thread.)


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