I  believe that there is reincarnation i.e., the soul, according to it's Karma (universal law of action-cause-effect) and also to fulfill its ambitions/desires, takes another life with another body.  Sri. Paramahansa Yogananda ji in his master work Autobiography of Yogi clearly refers to LIFETRONS, the atoms which finally go with the human soul are responsible for reincarnation.  From these Lifetrons, which are inherently intelligent and Karmically pre-determined, join the ovum and sperm in the womb.  This is a very secret procedure which science has not yet invented and I doubt whether science will be able to discover Consciousness, which is nothing  but Soul(causal body)  and above this causal body there is  astral/bioplasmic/subtle body which are not yet invented by science and it takes still many years for the same.  /rudrappaagadi@gmail.com// 

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