This is a response to Angela More Long's discussion Atheism, Community & Children. I encourage people to read it at the very least for background on the subject at hand.


Let me get something out before I get to what I really want to say. 


To Angela: Closing a discussion because people 'aren't getting it' is dishonest and petty. You claimed that the subject required dialog but it would appear that you only want dialog with people who agree with you. If people do not get the gist of what you are trying to say then the onus is on you to convey it better.


Right - with that off my chest here is what I was trying to convey in my responses to the thread above. Community and belonging are up to YOU - not the community. Providing 'Atheist' social structures independent of the local community serves only to engender the very same 'us & them' mentality that Angela's post decries. I asked the question - "What DO you have in common with your non-atheist friends?" - that I think is the crux of my point.

Join in the social events that are in the community you are a part of because you like the PEOPLE in your community. I'm willing to bet that there is plenty of common ground to be found that has nothing to do with your atheism or their religious views.


So my question is: If there was an 'Atheist' church/social group/community in your area - what would you do with them?

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