On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most retarded), how retarded is William Lane Craig?

I mean, Ive watched him in many debates, how he ducks and weaves so cunningly out of everything thrown at him and is completely blinkered by his opponents and I just wondered to myself earlier.....am I the only one who finds him completely and utterly retarded or do other non believers see it to?

He takes forever to say NOTHING? GRRRRRRRRR....hes so f***ing irritating!!!

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Based on his self aggrandizing posture and his boring intonation...  12/10 

As George Carlin said: "You know how dumb someone with an IQ of 100 is, well half the population is dumber than that!"  So, however retarded William Lane Craig is, the people who buy his arguments are even more so!

I hate how these preachers (and that's what they are, not debaters - preachers) yell the whole time and aren't able to converse like adults. Both William Lane Crack and Frank Turdek for example raise their voice in debates like they're speaking to their usual inbred sunday church audience. And let's not forget how they use every opportunity to plug their shitty books to the audience.. and their lame jokes.. wow. And always the same whiny argument "so you're saying we're aaaall just bags of chemicals and atoms! I don't believe that! Love is magic!" oh Turek... SPELL chemical, I dare you. William is even worse, he reminds me of Ted Faggard that closet-homo-phobe and I'm willing to bet, that William too, takes the cock to the ass when he's in private. On a scale of 1 to Super-Retard he is a Super-Retard.

Amen. lol.

I give him a 30/10 this guy is fucking a retarded scum of the earth

WLC is far from retarded. His arguments are very well organized, well rehearsed, he is great with word play and semantics, very quick on his feet, has counter arguments prepared for the many possible rebuttals, last but not least he knows how to exploit debate format, the perception of the audience and knows how to keep control of the debate....Im not saying his arguments are sound, but I noticed that we (atheist) tend to have the bad habit of confusing the "blinded by faith" for stupidity. 

Perhaps you read into the word 'retarded' a little too much. I agree with most of what you say though, he is good with word play (not so good at justifying things mind) he does prepare counter arguments (poorly in most cases) and he does certainly now how to exploit debate format (through poor word play most of the time). But, he is a preacher before he is a debater, and like most preachers he has it in his head that the word of god comes before common sense and reasoning and he will never back down from that.

Just because he is quick with his words and knows every verse of the bible and a few long words....he's still a retard to me. 

If by retard you mean intellectually dishonest, I would agree with that. He is more of a lawyer than a truth seeker. 

I think we have found a truce here Eric. Thanks for your comments.

it is easy to say this, but the truth is that he humiliates virtually everyone he debates (with about 2-4 exceptions).

He's a pigeon theist.

I like the sound of that but what does it mean?


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