Following the sweeping success of softcore sensation Fifty Shades of Grey, the lamestream media is figuring out that mommies and other normal-seeming ladies like to read about sex—in public. Whoa. What's next? Women having sex for reasons other than reproduction? Hold onto your hats!

The Wall Street Journal investigates the scandalous new trend of women using their e-readers to disguise the tawdry nature of their reading materials, allowing them to indulge in these illicit tales just about anywhere. And they find that ladies everywhere are plunging deep into the bosom of the genre known as "romantica"—sexy romance novels read on electronic devices. These tantalizing tales feature the kind of love stories chicks dug back when we were just plain readers, not e-readers. But now, in addition to the oodles of sex scenes, they have lots of pop culture-type of stuff too. For instance, you might choose to dive into the pages of Flat-Out Sexy, which is Nascar-inspired and, "depicts the torrid attraction between a rookie driver, Elec, and Tamara, the widow of a beloved driver who died in a crash." Sounds like enough to drive any woman cray-zay.

Whether you like your sex scenes all loaded down with romance and HEA (Happily Ever After), which many of these stories have plenty of, or whether you prefer dirty whorish sex with no lurve involved, you can soak it up via your Kindle or iPad free from the judging eyes of your fellow subway riders or soccer practice watchers. As Brenda Knight of erotica publisher Cleis Press said, e-readers "are the ultimate brown paper wrapper."

Women, being the crafty, clever little minxes that we are, figured this out all by ourselves and have been purchasing electronic erotica with increasingly frequent, rhythmic thrusts of our finger onto the "buy now" button. Kelly Gallagher, vice president of Bowker Market Research, reports that nearly 40% of all new romance books purchased are in digital form. (For reference, it's about 20% for most other adult trade genres.) Cleis Press says their digital sales have grown 30 percent since they started in 2008. That's a lot of electronically torn bodices. (source)

While the porn discussed above is of the literary kinds, I read somewhere that something like 40% of those perusing hardcore porn online are female.

Whether you are male or female, how do you feel about the idea that women are digging porn?

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I checked it out at the library in my small town while my children were participating in the Summer Reading Program.  If I hadn't found it there, two of my soccer mom acquaintances were all about lending it to me.  I think you will find it's not that big of a deal.  :o)

" I believe it's safe to say that EVERYONE LIKES SEX!!!!"

Not the same as "everyone likes porn". I think women approach sex from a very different perspective.

"I read somewhere that something like 40% of those perusing hardcore porn online are female"

I wouldn't accept that without some pretty convincing evidence. I would guess 5% - or about the same percentage as men who pursue "romantica".

Mike, there's no limit to the kind or porn both sexes appreciate. Some men will settle for upskirt shots of women who are wearing panties while others actively seek very extreme scenes. I'm sure it's much the same for women.

  • 66% of women watch porn
  • 57% of women watch porn with their partner
  • 87% of women that view porn are married or in a relationship
  • 10% of women that view porn are single
  • 6% of women admitted to watching porn once a day
  • 26% of women admitted to watching porn once a month
  • Out of the 57 % of women who watch porn with a partner, a third regularly use it as part of foreplay, while 41% admit to having watched it several times with their man.

For me, the most interesting and shocking statistic is that women who are in a relationship or are married watch a lot more porn than single/unattached women. Maybe the unattached women are having so much casual sex that they don't feel an urge to masturbate to porn. Very interesting. More info is needed.

The source for the above stats is this article.

  • 87% of women that view porn are married or in a relationship
  • 10% of women that view porn are single

Where is the missing 3% of women? Am I missing a small demographic here?

Love it, Matt!  Incomplete stats drive me insane too.

Unreturned questionnaires or illegible answers.

"shocking statistic is that women who are in a relationship or are married watch a lot more porn than single/unattached women"

EXACTLY what I would have expected. Women watch porn to further their RELATIONSHIP. Men's treatment of porn has nothing to do with relationships. The rest of those stats bear that out.

Sure that happens, but it's hardly the typical case, unless you actually believe the great majority of marriages are abusive.

My first impulse: It's about damn time!

My second: "We have to save birth control and Roe v. Wade from the churches and the GOP."

Yeah. BC and family planning did enable the sexual revolution.

We just went on a flight to Denver and a woman sitting next to my girlfriend was reading a book wrapped in duct tape. It turned out to be 50 SoG. Funny how we can reach out for something like that and be simultaneously ashamed of it at the same time.

Strangely, the feeling that one is doing The Forbidden adds a lot of pleasure to things sexual, be that porn or straight ahead "normal" sex. Take anal sex. Men like it because the fit is tighter and in that regard more stimulating, but also it feels dirty which is nice. The women who like anal sex (and I've known a couple) probably like it because "it hurts so good" and also the dirtiness thing as well The Forbidden greatly adds to the pleasure because we all love to think we're misbehaving and not coloring inside the lines, as it were. It's part of feeling free.




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