Following the sweeping success of softcore sensation Fifty Shades of Grey, the lamestream media is figuring out that mommies and other normal-seeming ladies like to read about sex—in public. Whoa. What's next? Women having sex for reasons other than reproduction? Hold onto your hats!

The Wall Street Journal investigates the scandalous new trend of women using their e-readers to disguise the tawdry nature of their reading materials, allowing them to indulge in these illicit tales just about anywhere. And they find that ladies everywhere are plunging deep into the bosom of the genre known as "romantica"—sexy romance novels read on electronic devices. These tantalizing tales feature the kind of love stories chicks dug back when we were just plain readers, not e-readers. But now, in addition to the oodles of sex scenes, they have lots of pop culture-type of stuff too. For instance, you might choose to dive into the pages of Flat-Out Sexy, which is Nascar-inspired and, "depicts the torrid attraction between a rookie driver, Elec, and Tamara, the widow of a beloved driver who died in a crash." Sounds like enough to drive any woman cray-zay.

Whether you like your sex scenes all loaded down with romance and HEA (Happily Ever After), which many of these stories have plenty of, or whether you prefer dirty whorish sex with no lurve involved, you can soak it up via your Kindle or iPad free from the judging eyes of your fellow subway riders or soccer practice watchers. As Brenda Knight of erotica publisher Cleis Press said, e-readers "are the ultimate brown paper wrapper."

Women, being the crafty, clever little minxes that we are, figured this out all by ourselves and have been purchasing electronic erotica with increasingly frequent, rhythmic thrusts of our finger onto the "buy now" button. Kelly Gallagher, vice president of Bowker Market Research, reports that nearly 40% of all new romance books purchased are in digital form. (For reference, it's about 20% for most other adult trade genres.) Cleis Press says their digital sales have grown 30 percent since they started in 2008. That's a lot of electronically torn bodices. (source)

While the porn discussed above is of the literary kinds, I read somewhere that something like 40% of those perusing hardcore porn online are female.

Whether you are male or female, how do you feel about the idea that women are digging porn?

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I would just breeze in and buy it.  It's not illegal.  Anyway, everyone loves a woman who reads 50 Shades of (f***ing everything these days). 

How do you think I feel, buying sanitary towels? 

Everyone feels weird in those places.  It's like when the men line up to take a piss.  Kind of strange etiquette. 

I think this is the right attitude. 


Hey Belle, here's the lo down of 50 shades of gray...I googled it when it seemed to be all anyone could talk about. It began as fan-fiction for Twilight! That just kills me. The author had this epic, long and very "mary-sue" fan fiction about all her fantasies set in the Twilight universe up on some website a couple of years ago. Then she gets some interest in publishing it and takes down her fan-fiction. Sure she had to tweak it a bit, edit out the vampires and werewolves...but the sex and "mary-sue" characters are probably much the same. The author's British and it's supposed to be set in the North West of Twilight...interestingly enough, one of the reviews I read lambasted the author for her liberal use of Brit-slang. Was she even trying? The main thrust of the smut (pun intended) revolves around an extremely controlling BDSM relationship that spills out into all areas of the protagonist's life. If you're into male dominance and female submission, this is probably your type of book. However, the main character seems to have some deep seeded issues herself, and one of my friends who read it said she spent most of the book yelling at the main character in her head, somewhat like I am prone to do when the vic in a horror movie runs up the stairs to get away from the serial killer. Don't expect any great plot or characters, do enjoy the kinky sex.

Personally, this is not my kink. I get my smut elsewhere and much cheaper.

I've never, and will never, read 50 Shades of Grey, but here are some comments I've found about it, which appeal to me. 

     “The tormented, domineering Christian Grey is hotter than hell. Even so, there is some hidden secret that makes him so fragile.”

    “I will say that my favourable response is due to the Christian Grey character. He is so complex. He is domineering, controlling but he is also vulnerable. He is brilliant, sexy, seemingly unreachable but he meets Ana and gradually begins to unbend – at least a little.”

    “The different shades in his character portrays him as a complex but very interesting person and what an alpha with just the right amount of tormented vulnerability that could only be brought out and healed by the right girl

    “I fell in love with Christian by somewhere around the end of the first chapter. He was the perfect Alpha male to me. He was strong and masculine and used to getting his own way, but he was also sexy and protective and sweet and he doted on her like someone he cherished. Swoon.”

If you're into male dominance and female submission, this is probably your type of book. 

Let's not lose sight of the fact that it's fiction and FANTASY!

Twilight? – That was the one about a young girl's choice between Necrophilia and Bestiality?


Belle, 50 shades is not the best example of BDSM erotica (written by an amatuer as a fan fiction about twilight). Try anything by J V Altharos and you will blow your mind. He also does a great podcast called "Ending the Sexual Dark Age" for people looking to expand their horizons. It may be a bit shockingly graphic if you are still in "christian prude mode" but I highly recommend it.

Well, gee, how about a real classic, The Story of O by Pauline Reage. BTW that link allows you to read it online.


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