I am curious if any former religious types have the same problem...

Every now and then I find myselft starting to pray for something. I'm not acutally praying. However, I hear the words forming in my brain. For example, a friend of mine is waiting to hear about a job promotion this morning. I REALLY want him to get the job. All the sudden I realized I was about to say a silent prayer for his success. I shook it off quickly. It's not that I think prayer is bad, just pointless. I guess after 28 years or so of the practice, it's a hard habit to break.

Anyone have a similar situation and would care to share their experiences?

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RE: "I have only two cheeks to turn" - actually, twice that if you don't mind getting kicked.

It's true though, from Spirituals - the mother of Jazz and the Blues - to Bach and Beethoven, some of the most incredible music of all time has come from religion - validity aside, religion has inspired Humankind to do amazing things.

pax vobiscum,

archaeopteryx, RE: "I have only two cheeks to turn" - actually, twice that if you don't mind getting kicked."

Also four cheeks if I'm into kink (i.e., being spanked).

Those are the ones I meant Tom - twice 2 =?

At first I though this was a new movie about Bruce Willis's smoking habits. Harhar

I'm half ashamed to admit to this but I know better now. When I was in college and I was developing my mind on the whole thing still I said I didn't believe and I really didn't I guess but I don't know. I would still whisper "I don't know if you're there and I can't promise this will change my mind but can you...." and somehow still thought I was being consistent. I did find my mind wandering in that direction a while back and then realized that a carton of milk would be just as capable of giving me the answers I'd expect from a sky daddy.

the big differance is the carton of milk actually exists

Good question Stephen - when you're at the craps table, and you've rolled, and you're saying, "Come on, seven!" Are you really praying, and if so, to god, or to the dice?

I know for a fact that I beg my car's transmission to hang in there for just one more year. I think we ask inanimate objects to do things a lot more than we realize, but I don't think that's really praying.

pax vobiscum,

I have really bad eyes and shouldn't be driving at night, but this one night I had to be out for some reason or other.  I was pulling out of a parking lot, and onto a road and I said "Please God let me get there safely", and then I remember thinking "what the crap!?" so then I said to myself "Come on eyes, work like you've never worked before!" So yeah, I do fall into old habits.  Or like when something is going on and I want my friends and family's encouragement, normally you would ask for prayer for something, but now I just don't know what to say.  "I'm not feeling well, please hope for the best for me" doesn't really seem to have the same kind of umph, I guess.

Yeah. I experienced this too. Shortly after I left "the faith" I came up for a promotion at work. I found myself wanting to pray for success in getting the job. Then I realized, "pray to who? There's nobody there". That was about the end of it.

I do find myself from time to time, wishing I could pray and that there was someone to pray to, but that usually passes fairly quickly.

Never had that problem as I was never brought religious.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with hope or wishing for success for yourself or others-

But you can wish (pray)  in one hand and shit in the other- you know which will fill up faster

Just sayin'

  Well, I sometimes fall to my knees and pray for God to kill me - to strike me dead with a lightning bolt as I converse with the Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons at my door who just told me that God answers prayers.  I find it curious that, so far, none of my visitors have ever stepped back to avoid the heavenly collateral damage. 

That's because they think god is a very precise marksman with the old electrical smite.



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