Okay would you kill your EX best friend for 200 million? and Why? or why not? This may be a trick question. Use your atheist brains and battle it out. I say I would kill my friend (albeit slowly) but I am still a awesome person because I would use the money to help science and humanity as a whole with the money!

Now ask yourself this why would you be more willing to kill your ex best friend then your best friend?

200 million!

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I have to quote "the way of the gun" here. "200 million dollars is not money. Money is what you have in your pocket or what you take to the grocery store. 200 million dollars is a motive with a universal adapter on it." There is a very short list of people I wouldn't kill for 200 million dollars. Perhaps you shouldn't start considering this question at ex-bestfriend. Would you kill bin laden for 200million if so what about a run of the mill murderer. Would you kill a stranger in a foreign land with no chance of getting caught? What if you used a scoped rifle from a mile away or just built a trap with explosives and walked away? The fact is given the skills equipment and what equates to a pick up truck bed full of money very few people will be able to watch that money leave. As for any ex-best friend of mine half of them make the list half of the remaining died for free(not by my hand) the last two are separated by time or deeds enough that they better hope no billionaire has a problem with them and reads this. hypotheticals are entertaining but they really don't tell you anything about a person because everyone reads different criteria into them and few people conjure the full experience from a what if question. 
No, I wouldn't. I don't want to live in a society where money is more important than human well-being.

Absolutely not! I can't even... NO!

Killing for money? REALLY?!


Only $200M?  Hmph!  Maybe for $200M a year for the next 30 years, sure :)

I could imagine someone sacrificing themselves for that amount of money. The question in hand then would be, if you're willing to exploit someone so miserably desperate for 200 million$?

Jenna, sorry, but you're NOT awesome at all.

I wouldn't do it for any amount of money. No one should. It's murder. PERIOD. How stupid are you for posting this drivel?

It's wrong! You're doing harm for posting this question when it's already hard enough for Atheists to deal with the moral bullshit argument from the religious zealots. Now we have atheists posting this kind of crap. Politically and strategically this was a dumb move on your part.

I don't think Jenna is an atheist. The question stinks of a Xtian trying to dig up dirt on us immoral, godless atheists.

It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic, how they continue to insist that atheists can't have any morality when so many Xtians will happily kill their ex-friends, or strangers by the hundreds, even without the cash payoff. I'm thinking of doctor-murderer Roeder, and Anders Brevik most notably, and all the good Xtian soldiers who are so eager to kill some rag-heads or illegal immigrants.

 I agree with Eric.
Nope, sorry, couldn't do it. I would have to live with the guilt. Guilt can be a powerful thing, it can tear you apart insde. I would never, NEVER, be able to enjoy the money.
I guess the question that I would need to ask myself is - if the tables were turned would I be okay with it? For me the answer is no. Even if I were too use the money to better the world I would break fundamental principles in my own moral code. Now that is not to say that even I wouldn't break my moral code in certain situations, but I feel that over an issue like material possessions it wouldn't be worth it.
If I truly felt a person deserved AND needed to be killed, I wouldn't accept a penny for it, although anonymous donations are impossible to return - just in case this issue ever comes up and I have supporters out there.  If I were offered money to kill someone, I would turn it down.

No.  The only time I would take a life would be in defense of my own or someone I love (its a very short list).  No one has the right to take the life of another (self-defense is an exception, that other person is willingly putting his or her life on the line to attack and potentially take your life, that becomes an issue of self-perseverance).  This doesn’t mean I'm a flower loving hippie or anything, I have no reservations about protecting me and my own, but a life is very precious, and to take them out solely for the purpose of monetary gain, not a good enough reason.  I think looking at it from an Atheist point of view makes life that much more precious, because we believe that it’s our only existence, after we die, that’s it, game over man.  No press “god” to continue or extra lives after death, just black nothing.  So to end something as great as an existence over something as meaningless as monetary gain is a tragedy.



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