Okay would you kill your EX best friend for 200 million? and Why? or why not? This may be a trick question. Use your atheist brains and battle it out. I say I would kill my friend (albeit slowly) but I am still a awesome person because I would use the money to help science and humanity as a whole with the money!

Now ask yourself this why would you be more willing to kill your ex best friend then your best friend?

200 million!

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No, I would not kill anyone even if you change that to "worst enemy" and add a few zeros to the 200 million.


Reason? Because the guilt would not be worth it.

LoL.  These threads are always funny to watch atheists freak out and say it's not worth it - and others to be like 'hell yeah I would.'  I like the differences and calling people out on things.  


For 200 million - I would kill a human that I get to choose - But an ex best friend?  It would seriously depend on what they did to me or to others - And if they have children - Or what their life plans would be. 


Probably not my ex best friend.  


I suppose this hypothetical involves the premise that you are for sure not going to get caught?  


i'm way late joining this discussion, but hell yeah i would do it.  in fact, i have an ex best friend picked out.  show me the money!

Its one thing to 'say' you would kill someone and quite another when it comes to actually doing the deed.  I do not speak from experience here...but from others experiences who have related it to me.


Killing a thinking, breathing human being who has family and friends that love them, depend on them, etc....would be a very difficult thing to do...  The more you think about it the harder it would be to do.  Even if it was a stranger it would be very hard... killing an ex-best friend would be harder for you know more about them and their family and friends etc.. I wouldn't do it for any amount of money.


If someone offered me 200 million to kill hitler or Osama bin laden... no problem...  Give me a gun, a time machine, etc.. and I'd try to do it.....just to try to avoid all the horrible death, agony and shit they brought upon so many.  Hell I might even do those guys for free.

No. I would never forgive myself. I wouldn't kill anyone unless it were to save other lives. I'm a vegetarian, I wouldn't even kill my ex-dog.
nope. couldn't kill a friend, ex or otherwise. I could kill an intruder in my home and talk to them and eat a sandwich while they die with no remorse. After all they didn't break in to leave me a butt load of money. They came to steal and maybe take my life or my kids lives. I have a strong loyalty to friends and no amount of money is worth my friends life.

I think it is sad that people will go to great length to kill their spouse for the 150k insurance policy.



Obviously not, unless of course they have been lured into the same situation and are trying to kill me for money. Kind of makes me want to play "The Ship."
if i had ex best friend yes why i'd donate 99.9% to science the rest i'd give to my parents & sisters to live a happy life. shit i'd take my own life if it meant furthering science & the well being of my family...

Allow me to first ask a different question: would you have yourself killed for 200 million to be given to your (ex) (best) friend?

And before old or sick people respond, let's assume you have ±60 years remaining of a relatively good and healthy life.

back to the OP question: No, I would not kill anyone for money. I'm not sure if I could kill anyone for lives, I can probably risk or destroy another's life in order to rescue others, but I doubt I could do an actual trade (for instance in a bizarre hostage situation).


I can't even step on a bug, so...no.

The thought of the guilt I would have makes me say that I would not. Although the what I could do with the money (save lives, etc) might outweigh the murder (if it ever could). If it was for personal gain, I would not want to be that person.


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