OK, fellow Infidels, Heathens, and other nonreligious-flavored peeps, time to fess up....

Thinking about the music each of us tends to like, an easy question to answer for most of us is "what is your favorite atheist/nonreligious song and/or band?"

Well, I want to go the other direction...

It's time to 'fess up, and bring your musical skeletons out of the closet!

What xian band and/or song do you secretly like?

I'll go first:

  • I actually like 3 songs by the pop-rock group Skillet:
    • Monster
    • Hero
    • Awake and Alive
  • There are a couple of songs by P.O.D. that I like
  • And way back in my old headbanging days - specifically during the "hair metal" rock period - I actually did like a couple of songs done by Stryper

Ahhh, I feel better. I finally let those halo-wearing skeletons out of my own closet ;)

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