There are two aspects of at least the christian god that do not mix. I am not sure which other religions have this belief, i assume islam and judaism do as well.

Christians believe in an omnipotent (all-powerful) and an omniscient (all knowing) god. These two attributes are irreconcilable in my opinion. How can their god be all knowing, (knowing the course of history and how it will play out, including each decision by each individual), and be all powerful, (having the ability to change anything at any point and make anything possible). If he is all knowing, then he can not have the power to change anything. God cannot have the power to change anything if he already decided to allow it to happen. Just like adam and eve. If he knows everything, why did he create the world if he knew that sin would be created? If he knows everything, then he knew that eve would eat the "fruit of knowledge" and sin would be created, thus requiring him to take human form on earth and do miracles and whatnot and die on the cross. Even though he says we have free will, it is he that is forcing millions to damnation by creating humanity. What about the devil, if he knows everything then he knew what would happen and he knew that the devil would torture everyone in hell, and he decided to create it anyway. With great power comes great responsibility. He created everything so he is responsible for everything. You cannot have an omnipotent and omniscient god. oil and water do not mix. you can shake them together really fast and create an illusion of a blend, but they simply do not mix. Just like christians coming up with excuses to reconcile these two attributes of their god. They say "you cannot understand something the way the lord sees it" or "the lord works in mysterious ways." It is all bullshit. If you stop and think about it, god cannot be omnipotent and omniscient and anyone worshiping a god that claims to be those two things is just ignorant. If I could see into the future and I  knew that I was going to have twins 2 years from now, and I also saw that one would grow up to be the next hitler, and the other would grow up to be an average kid that worshiped my every thought, and I could not do anything to change them because that would take away their free will, then I would have a choice to make. Should I have the twins or not? Well guess what.... hell, no, I would not have the kids. I wouldn't do it just to have the one worship me, and hope the other one changes and starts worshiping me too. If this is your god, then he is as selfish as a 3-year old brat. If god knew everything then he would know that sin would be created and he allowed it to happen. Your god is an awful god. Your logic is broken and silly. I ridicule you so that this poisonous belief does not spread its cold tentacles any farther than it has.

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i use that as an example, but if god created the world knowing every single event that would take place, he does not have the power to change any event that was going to take place. I'm not just saying that he doesn't want to; I'm saying that he does not have the power to change something or stop it from happening if he already knew what would happen.
*sings* Our God is an awful god. . .

Um. That's as far as I've gotten in writing the parody.
lol, i was thinking the exact same thing when i wrote that


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