So I was looking for funny on the Cheezburger network, and came across this post.

I though this may be a little fishy, because America tends towards the prudish side of things when confronted with actual, in-real-life nudity. So I decided to ask Google. I found

Be Warned, Bare Nipples, NSFW.

I totally support this. Equality can't be obtained if one group of people can't do something another can, no matter how simple or mundane. I don't care if it's not wearing a top or getting married, everyone has the right. But then I got to reading. They keep mentioning someone name Rael. Never a last name, just labeling him as a spiritual leader, which got me a little suspicious, to say the least. Then they mentioned a website.

Oh my word, I found the funny. Seriously, if you think Scientology is funny, check this shit out. I had to continuously stop so that I could catch my breath, I was laughing so hard. I cannot believe that anyone buys into this bullshit. I find it hilarious to an unsettling degree. He even tops it with the tab title "Intelligent Design for Atheists." Please tell me what you think, because this made me laugh so damn hard. I support the topless movement, Especially here in Texas, it's fricken hot. But please apply some critical thinking skills to the "leader" of this.

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I approve this message.

After a few sunny hours at the nude beach once, this recovered ex-catholic, went from prudist to nudist. What I found rather interesting is that 'nudity' can be only about 'sex' for as long as you 'need' it to. Some people are so charming as to be natural treasures, others, not so much. I like flowers about as much as nudity, a warm bath a little more, curry OK!...."-}  


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