So I was looking for funny on the Cheezburger network, and came across this post.

I though this may be a little fishy, because America tends towards the prudish side of things when confronted with actual, in-real-life nudity. So I decided to ask Google. I found

Be Warned, Bare Nipples, NSFW.

I totally support this. Equality can't be obtained if one group of people can't do something another can, no matter how simple or mundane. I don't care if it's not wearing a top or getting married, everyone has the right. But then I got to reading. They keep mentioning someone name Rael. Never a last name, just labeling him as a spiritual leader, which got me a little suspicious, to say the least. Then they mentioned a website.

Oh my word, I found the funny. Seriously, if you think Scientology is funny, check this shit out. I had to continuously stop so that I could catch my breath, I was laughing so hard. I cannot believe that anyone buys into this bullshit. I find it hilarious to an unsettling degree. He even tops it with the tab title "Intelligent Design for Atheists." Please tell me what you think, because this made me laugh so damn hard. I support the topless movement, Especially here in Texas, it's fricken hot. But please apply some critical thinking skills to the "leader" of this.

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I just found out that there is a nudist colony not far from my house. Sounds kinda fun to me. The thing that confuses people is it's not about sex. It's really not about anything, It's just doing everyday activities sans clothing.

You're right; it's doing everyday activities sans clothing.

My wife and I, while living in Texas, visited a nudist camp. An ex-Catholic, I needed to adapt and wore a towel over my shoulders. For about 10 minutes.

Clothing was optional except in the swim pool, where it was banned. One day while I was in the pool, a post-pubertal boy came to me, flashed a handful of photos, and asked if I wanted to see some pix of naked ladies. I had to chuckle.

Believe it or not, but for people who've been doing it a while, it's not. It's about comfort, not arousal. Recreational activities, such as swimming, lounging about, even just reading a book tends to be more comfortable in the buff. It also desensitizes you a bit to the nude body of whichever sex you are attracted to. It simultaneously takes the stress off of looking your best, and also encourages you to take care of yourself better. If you've ever had the problem of men not quite knowing where your eyes are, then try talking to some nudists. They've seen them before, and unless they're invited to play, they've no problem ignoring them.

The way I see it, it makes the world a bit safer too. With no armor, everyone is on an equal playing field.

Belle, for maybe five minutes, or you're a teenage boy in drag. LOf...ingL.

hi there that intelligence nonsense stuff re the theists , they have no contacts with the Void. So how do they know if we don't have contact with the void!!!!!.
I, too, support the movement...for equal rights...and for no other reason.
(Not the Rael crap, obviously.)

In the province of Ontario it has been legal for a long time. I remember seeing many topless ladies out in the open on a 1st of July (Canada Day) celebration.

What do you think of the "Spiritual Leader?" Got to give him props on the originality of his crazy. He's basically ripping off Elron Hubbard and smashing it into the bible.

Here in Australia we have a few topless hair salons, all these men go to get their hair cut by half naked women, it's kinda wierd. We also have our fair share of nude beaches. Yeah, just figured cause ya'll are talking about nudity I'd put that out there :)

We raised our five kids that there's absolutely nothing wrong with the human form - both sexes - at all. Nudity is not "dirty", it's not wrong, and it's not bad. It's a naked body. We all have them. Get over it.

We never made a deliberate point to walk around nude or anything, but we never hid ourselves if changing clothes, showering, whatever. And when the little ones wanted to run around or do the "nakey dance" to any music that may be playing, we told them to go for it.

This has had both unexpectedly positive and at times funny consequences. One of each for example:

  • Positive: My sons never went through the "find nekkid boobies" phase of early adolescence. They've seen boobies in the family, movies, whatever and so while they do appreciate a beautiful female, they don't get all titillated if they happen to see breasts somewhere. I've even overheard one of them comment to a friend who showed them a nude pic on their phone, "They're boobs. So what?"
  • Funny: While all of my kids are quite attractive (DEFINITELY from their mom), my 2nd is model-beautiful (she's done some modeling, as both a child and adult). The funny part is that she finds it completely hilarious that people think she's beautiful. She couldn't care less. She's a tomboy, equestrian (both English Jumping and Western Barrel Racing), scuba diver, martial artist. I could go on and on - I've told her multiple times that I want to be her when I grow up. She's also completely, totally uninhibited. So, when she was in her teens, she would think absolutely nothing about walking through the house in her thong underwear and bra. One day she comes bounding down the stairs,"Tits and Ass" hanging out, bouncing through the house, when her (very proper and prudish) grandmother was visiting. I thought the woman was going to pass out. As she was getting apoplectic, my daughter is looking at her and saying "what? What's wrong? Are you choking? Do you need help?" I couldn't breathe for about an hour after, from laughing so hard.

Parent of the year award, here. Congratulations for improving the human race. Seriously, Thank you for furthering the cause.


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