Oh, [insert imaginary character here]. I'm in [insert imaginary place here].

So, I recently came to the conclusion that I'm an atheist. I renounced my Christianity and realized that this was a long time int he making.The only problem is that I still feel lingering parts of Christianity, of which I don't like. At all.

So, I'm undeniably glad to have found this site. It's bloody awesome that there are other people who don't believe (I mean, obviously). It's good to have other people with the same beliefs when you don't know where to go from here or how to explain yourself to friends and family.

So, thank you!

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I am writing because of your statement, "I still feel lingering parts of Christianity, of which I don't like." That resonates with me. I was into the whole thing whole hog. And leaving it all behind has been a slow process. I had learned and practiced to pray without ceasing, and that was hard to give up. I had been taught to be thankful for everything, to God, and that was hard to change into just being grateful in general. When there was a problem, I didn't have my, sadly, imaginary Jesus to consult and listen to. I don't know if any of this is what you mean.

It has been a year for me, and I luckily have an atheist husband so we can support one another. That has been the best thing. He has given me space to grieve, and I have needed it.

I am glad you have found this place and hope it helps. I wish you well. Kim

Hi Brandon! I'm new too. I am glad i found this site too, because i personally dont know any atheist so most people disagree with my dis-beliefs! My husband and most of my friends know i am atheist, except my parents and my mother & father in law. My parents are christians and my mother & father in law's are Catholics. I am not sure when i am going to tell them because i am not sure how they are going to react :/ especially my parents because they are so fundamentalist christians.


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