So we all know people use religion as a crutch, everyone needs something to help keep them upright in life at some point or another..... But when things are really bad for you - say the person you love is dying.... Would you ever find yourself, an atheist, down on your knees praying for them to get better?

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The kind thing would be to appear to pray, and lie to him and tell him you did. If he believes people are praying for him, it might help him more than actual prayer does.

Wasn't there a study that implied people that were told people were praying for them (when they weren't) had better outcomes then people that were actually prayed for but never told?

If there is power in prayer that is pretty much the beginning and the end of it, self-fulfillachondria?

I'm not sure about the study personally, but there was an episode of "House" in which someone said there was, and we all know that if it's on TV, it has to be true.

actually there was a study that showed that people who knew people were praying for them did worse...

That's OK. I made up self-fulfillachondria and it sounded pretty good, no?

I would ask to borrow it --

Once I used a local minister as a reference. It came to my attention that every time someone called for a reference, the minister used it as an opportunity for soul saving, putting me in a rather bad light. Sadly, I see this as yet one more brick in the wall....;p)...

   8 year old Tammy Belanger was abducted on her way to school in Exeter, New Hampshire 28 years ago. For all these years her mother has had to go to bed every night not knowing the whereabouts of her lovely daughter. One can only try to imagine the pain.

This past spring I had several dozen posters with her picture printed and gave them to the Ministerial Alliance of Whitney, Texas. I asked that they be distributed to all (about 40) of the churches in the area and have the pastors ask their congregations to ask God to reveal her whereabouts. God is omniscient, God knows everything. Today, on the 28th anniversary of her abduction, she is still missing. A local pastors explanation; God works in mysterious ways. I have come to the conclusion that God only answers prayers for two kinds of people; winners and survivors.

RE: "God works in mysterious ways."

I'm sure that's what the Republican Party is mulling over right now, along with the Religious Right. Maybe they need to realize that, "No way in hell!" is also an answer.

This causes me to wonder:

Was Tammy's mother such a nice person? That 'God The Omniscient!' thought it was a good idea for Tammy to be abducted by a very bad child abuser, for her own good?

That Tammy, during a very early moment of extream youthful clarity, ran away from home to join the Circus, or some religious cult that has love bombed her into a useful member of society?

Or that prayer being a useful, but blunt instrument, has not been informed by 'God the Omniscient!' of the where-a-bouts of now a 36 year old woman. Alive or dead. Sadly not all tools can cut the mustard, like a well trained mind. I expect they need to look for a 36 year old woman, not an 8 year old kid.   

no, im not using something thats not there as a crutch. its a complete and total waste of time. instead of praying to some god to heal them, (come on. like thats gonna happen) id rather do something useful and raise money to get them treated. put faith in something that works not something thats wishy washy

"Two hands working can do more than a thousand, clasped in prayer."

thats bull. god isnt real. im not wasting my time praying to an imaginary friend


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