So we all know people use religion as a crutch, everyone needs something to help keep them upright in life at some point or another..... But when things are really bad for you - say the person you love is dying.... Would you ever find yourself, an atheist, down on your knees praying for them to get better?

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That's a good story - can I have your MG?

Long gone. I have a Toyota Solara Convertible now. It fits me better, more room for my stomach not to rub against the steering wheel. It was only a Midget anyway, if it was a B I would have considered fixing it.

Not much chance of getting any roadhead in an MG, I imagine.

It's a matter of flexibility really. Very difficult in such a confined space to maneuver yourself over the stick shift and out of the way of the steering wheel and at the same time into the area of interest. I will attest that it it definitely doable if you choose your co-pilots carefully.

Pray tell, what do you do when the safety alarm sounds, and the oxygen masks deploy? ;p)

It never hurts to ask, I ask for Rolexes on a regular basis, but never get them either --

I have a similar issue. I keep asking for a Datalogger for my shop/lab, but my wife keeps vetoing the idea, but has now spent the same amount for a horse barn construction. Atleast I get the manure and back pain.

The trouble with horse manure as fertilizer, James, is that you need to wait for the salt to leach out, otherwise it will damage your plants.

(See me privately for details)

They say that people who are being tortured to death will sometimes say "Mommy, please, help me" or "Daddy! Daddy!" or they will even pray to the person killing them. People in extreme situations will try anything. I don't blame them. 

A better question: Your father is dying and asks you to pray with him for his recovery. How atheist are you then?

If my father, on his death bed asks me to pray, I will make the appearance of praying. Why would I want to leave the man I love the most with disappointment in his last moments? There are times to be right and times to be generous and good.

I don't think there's a real analog to a God who will be waiting to reward you after you pass on.

Remember the line from the Atheist Christmas Carol I posted? "It's better to be loved than to make a point."

What kind of Humanist would one be, if they denied their own father a dying wish? If  it made you feel any better, I suppose you could always cross your fingers behind your back.

I'm going to be needing one of those some day, and it's going to be for a cheeseburger.


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